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2009 Employment Report

Where are they now?

Class of 2009

Single Intake for 2009  (Jan)


FT 2009 TRI1 Charlton Current: Mercedes-Benz ADE Atlantis Foundries.  Prior:  Steel Studio
FT 2009 TRI1 Johan Current: Regional SD Manager Huawei.   Prior: Plessey; lemcon-likusasaDunbar Design.
FT 2009 TRI1 Ronald Current: IBSECAD.  Prior:Chamelon Architects.
FT 2009 TRI1 Louis Wilder Window – No website / logo
FT 2009 TRI1 Wessel ADP group
FT 2009 TRI1 Robert The Wood Connection
FT 2009 TRI1 Warren Current: Architectural Technology CPUT and Wildetecture.  Prior: QJD; IDT; Maths and Physics at Rosebank College.
FT 2009 TRI1 Brent Current: Fireco SA & Fire Force Angola.  Prior: IBSECAD
FT 2009 TRI1 Graham SA Breweries
FT 2009 TRI1 Dian Currrent: ADP Project.  Prior:  Aveng-E&PC (Engineering & Project company)
FT 2009 TRI1 Jacques Current: Architectural Draughtsman at Piq – No Website. Prior: BuildMore Africa Group.
FT 2009 TRI1 Charl Current:  ADP Projects ; Prior: Aveng Group
FT 2009 TRI1 Ruan Current: America, Miami Florida. Prior: Ocean star sailing Academy; City Flags
FT 2009 TRI1 Mark Integrate Structural and Civil Engineering and Studying B.Com Business Mangment through Unisa
FT 2009 TRI1 Melinda Academy IDT HOD Administrator
FT 2009 TRI1 Luan Hermans and Roman
FT 2009 TRI1 Calvin Current: Dakota ;  Prior:  Academy IDT
FT 2009 TRI1 Ockert Booyco-Electronics
FT 2009 TRI1 Neil Current: Harken South Africa. BTEC national diploma Civil Engineering through Unisa ; Prior: Scott Steel Projects
FT 2009 TRI1 Nathan Steel Studio
FT 2009 TRI1 Gerard Aveng-E&PC (Engineering & Project company)
FT 2009 TRI1 Walter Current: Seeking; Prior: Builtcare ; College of CT
FT 2009 TRI1 Vincent Current: Project Manager, Draughtsman at Coldfact Projects.  Prior:  BVI Consulting Engineers
FT 2009 TRI1 Corneilis Barpro Storages SA
FT 2009 TRI1 Jolani Current: Magnum Technology Solutions AG; Mult Media Design Diploma Part time studies at Intec in 2012;   Prior E-Kwikbuild housing companyChameleon Architects
FT 2009 TRI1 Johan MIA

*disclaimer – these records are updated annually.  Some inaccuracies may occur.

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