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2010 Employment Report

Where are they now?

Class of 2010

All Intakes for 2010  (Jan, Apr, Aug)


FT 2010 TRI1 Cameron Current: Barpro Storages SA ;  Prior: Designamite
FT 2010 TRI1 Gustav BVI Consulting Engineers
FT 2010 TRI1 Romano University of Stellenbosch – bachelor of Commence
FT 2010 TRI1 Jacques MIA
FT 2010 TRI1 Christopher Eurotechnology 
FT 2010 TRI1 LisaAnne Current: Linea Lights ; Prior: CO Designs
FT 2010 TRI1 Gadian Lesedi
FT 2010 TRI1 Dean Eurotechnology 
FT 2010 TRI1 Tiaan Interior Design: BHC school of Design
FT 2010 TRI1 Keagan Eurotechnology 
FT 2010 TRI1 Magdel CPUT; Latreuo Guesthouse Welgemoed
FT 2010 TRI1 William Eurotechnology 
FT 2010 TRI1 Matthew Current: living in UK – ETM Group. Prior: Tudor House Pub; Oak Bay Beach Hotel
FT 2010 TRI1 Errol Lasercut Studio George
FT 2010 TRI1 MoegamatNurr Lesedi
FT 2010 TRI1 Tian Northlink studying Mech Engineering
FT 2010 TRI1 Hendrik Studying teaching at NWU Pukke
FT 2010 TRI1 Dean Professional Muso: My Flawless ending
FT 2010 TRI1 Jacques Lesedi
FT 2010 TRI3 Estelle Maluti GSM Consulting Engineers
FT 2010 TRI3 Adriaan Miaau & Ndiza; ll Caffè di Roma
FT 2010 TRI3 Unathi YB Mashalba & Associates Consultants cc


*disclaimer – these records are updated annually.  Some inaccuracies may occur.

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