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2017 April Induction and Schedule

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You’ve Enrolled for the Academy IDT Draughting Course – What Now?

You’ve sent back your signed contract – we know you’re excited to start.  Here are a few things you can do to prepare for the start of class in April.

Get your Laptop

If you don’t have a laptop then it’s time to go shopping! See the Qualifications Page for the required specifications.  If you already have a laptop – please make sure it meets the specs. You may need to upgrade a few components.

Buy some cool Ties! (Full Time Students)

Full-Time students have a strict dress-code. We find that people who dress professionally usually behave professionally.  If your wardrobe consists mainly of outfits for surfing, gaming or clubbing – perhaps spend a bit of time trying out a new look and get a few dress shirts and ties.

Ladies – we won’t insult your fashionista by telling you how to dress for the office.

Pay your Deposit

If you haven’t already received an invoice, please email keith@academyidt.co.za – your seat is not a sure thing until you’ve paid your initial fee (the registration and deposit amount – or the full up-front payment).

Make a neat folder with these DOCUMENTS

You probably enrolled using our online form and/or email.  We’ll need all the original certified documents on the first day of class. Why not make a neat folder with all the documents ready to bring in with you. Here’s the check-list:

  • Original Signed Enrolment Contract
  • Proof of Payment (Registration and Initial Payment)
  • Certified Copy of your ID Document
  • Certified Copy of your Senior-School-Certificate or equivalent
  • Certified Copy of your Passport (International Students only)
  • Certified Copy of your Study/Work/Asylum Visa or Permit (International Students only)
  • Certified Copy of your SAQA verified Senior-School-Certificate (International Students only)

Figure out who you are in a Team

Being aware of your personality traits – strengths and weaknesses – will make you a better team-player. Employers are looking for draughtspersons have great work-ethic, who that take ownership of deliverables and deadlines.  There’s no time like the present for a bit of constructive introspection. Do this test online –  https://www.16personalities.com/

Diarise These Important Dates

Here are the important dates.

18th April 2017 – Drop off your Laptop with the IT Department for CAD installations and set-up

19th April 2017 – Collect your Laptop

24th – 28th April 2017 – Induction Week (Orientation) for new students

Note: Full-time students are scheduled for the day, Part-Time students are scheduled for the evenings.

2nd May 2017 – Start of Class

And… here’s your subject schedule for this trimester!

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