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Over 30 years worth of experience in the industry makes Academy IDT your go-to team for all draughting requirements.

Academy IDT offers the toughest draughting course in Africa, turning out an exceptional breed of draughtsmen and women into the work place armed with multi-disciplinary skills that more often than not turn Academy IDT students into the go-to-guy in any drawing office team.

The Academy IDT Drawing Office adds yet another layer to the level of expertise and professionalism this team has garnered over a combined 30 years in the industry, able to meet all your CAD drawing requirements, providing multi-disciplinary services delivering different outcome formats, in fact there is very little this team is not able to assist you with.  The Academy IDT team is committed to approaching every project, whether it is on an individual or commercial scale, delivering the same level of professionalism across the board at costs that take every budget into account.

All architectural services are the purvey of Academy IDT, from concept to council approval, site plans, floor plans, layouts and elevations, with full 3D modelling and conceptualising capabilities thrown into this mix of pure professionalism.  Mechanical manufacturing drawings, industrial design in terms of patent drawings and numerous types of electrical schematics are just the tip of the ice-berg where it comes to any draughting requirement Academy IDT is able to fulfill.

With an impressive portfolio that crosses into other African countries, Academy IDT has worked with a broad range of clients, from individuals and families to large corporations and hotels, gaining a reputation that is well deserved for a team who keep pushing the boundaries in the world of draughting!

Visit the Academy IDT website for more in-depth details with regard to their draughting capabilities and take a look at their portfolio if you need any further confirmation that this is the team to contact with all your draughting requirements.

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