Ten Reasons Why you should study CAD Draughting at Academy IDT - The Draughting Academy that kicks ass!

Please note that we are not AIE, The Draughting Academy or CADCO and are in no way associated with them.
Academy IDT have been developing the best multi-disciplinary CAD draughting professionals for the past decade.  With an 88% employment rate and a waiting list for our graduates, we think of ourselves as the draughting academy that kicks ass! Here are 10 reasons why you should study at Academy IDT. To watch this instead of reading it - play the video above or  click here for our youtube showreel video.

1. You'll be ready to start CAD draughting in any industry

Our multi-disciplinary approach to Architectural and Engineering graphics ensures that at the end of this one-year course, you are equipped for any Drawing Office.

2. Be inspired by exciting lectures from Industry Experts in the engineering, architectural and design fields

Academy IDT provides some of the best Draughting and design experts in industry to share their passion and develop your knowledge and skills for the various subjects.

3. Learn in a professional Drawing office environment

Academy IDT is unlike any other college – students that have proven themselves may be introduced to real clients with real projects in order to gain experience during the year.  They complete these actual projects under the supervision of the Academy IDT Drawing Office Manager.

4. Multi-disciplinary CAD-draughting skills

This is not a short CAD course. Academy IDT uses an integrated training approach – throughout the year, your skills are developed on leading, industry-standard CAD packages, enabling you to be ‘CADdexterious’.  There are hundreds design softwares out there - you’ll be capable of operating most of them after a short learning-curve.

5. Become an expert – we believe the best way to learn something is by doing it

Our online learning management and reporting system give you the structure to complete hundreds of projects within deadlines.  We use a drawing-office review process – allowing you to re-submit your drawing until it is correct and signed-off.

6. Score impressive grades

Over the years Academy IDT has had an exceptional pass rate with some of the highest marks in the country.

7. Recognised CAD Draughting Qualification

Academy IDT is Accredited with the QCTO and a registered exam centre, with online exams for the main CAD packages.

8. Get employed straight out of class!

Academy IDT professionals are recognised as being amongst the best in industry.  Some employers insist on IDT graduates and interview them before they complete the year.  We’ll help you find your perfect position.

9.  Your success is our success!

We cater for various learning styles and our hands-on lecturers will work with you to become comfortable in each draughting discipline.  Unlike the draughting academy alternatives - our work does not stop when we've received your fees.  We truly believe that each student is our brand-ambassador and commit to working with you to be successful.

10. A 10-year legacy as the draughting academy relied on by industry for exceptional CAD draughting personnel

Become part of the 10 Year Legacy - 10 years of successful graduates across multiple Engineering, Architectural and design-disciplines proves our passion. It’s your turn to take up the challenge and commit to a year that will change your future.

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