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Academy IDT is where you make the choice between being average and exceptional!

Academy IDT is where you make the choice between being average and exceptional!

Starting your 2-in-1-year multi-disciplinary draughting course at Academy IDT is going to be a lot like stepping into your first job as a draughtsperson, and it is going to be every bit as demanding as the rest of your career will be.

This is where you make the choice between average and exceptional, between whether you are prepared to knuckle down to be the best and head out into the professional world ahead of, and better equipped than any of your peers will be, or whether you think you can take an easy cruise into your future and arrive late at the start of it.

Take your time to read through everything that is going to be expected from you from Academy IDT during this intense multi-disciplinary course before you make the decision, they are not considered the best academy for draughting courses in Cape Town for allowing students to slack off!

Any student that has made the grade at Academy IDT holds the key to their first job in a drawing office due to the respect the industry as a whole has for anyone who has made it through what is considered the toughest draughting course in Africa.

Working on actual projects and interacting with engineers, architects and designers who make use of the Academy IDT Drawing Office will all be part of the package, offering you a sense of exactly what it feels like to work in a real drawing office and to own your space.

Academy IDT treats you more like an employee than a student as you spend your days at your draughting table, using the various spaces and co-habiting them as you would in a professional drawing office. As a junior member of the Academy IDT family, you are also expected to maintain a professional dress code with a positive attitude and etiquette to suit it perfectly!

Stamina and a professional work ethic will be second nature to you very quickly with this team of passionate professionals guiding you through your year, involving you in various decisions about their business that you would be able to relate to.

This is your opportunity to make your dreams of becoming a draughtsperson come true in such a big way that you will exceed your own expectations!

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