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Academy IDT will prepare you for the real world as a draughtsperson within a year.

Actual work with real clients, firsthand experience with drawing office systems, stamina and a professional work ethic are all part of the experience when you join the world of Academy IDT for an intense 2-in-1-year multi-disciplinary programme, which will fully prepare you to start your career as a draughtsperson on immediately, if not before graduating, capable of contributing the highest level of professional CAD architectural or Engineering drawings or 3D models possible.

Do not be under any illusion that you are going to be popping in for a few classes a week, your real world starts as you walk in the door at Academy IDT, signing up to become part of a workday that does not allow for much time off or any long summer holidays!  Joining Academy IDT brings you into the world of deadlines to be met, drawings that are reviewed and taken through the same process of being signed off or returned for corrections before sign-off as you would go through in the industry.

Your time will be spent under the wings of highly experienced Drawing Office managers and CAD experts, always close at hand to offer guidance while you spend most of your time at your work station draughting, with short project briefings along the way, which is much the way it will be once you start your formal career.  This is the kind of preparation that will take your innate abilities and, with your own drive for success, turn them into invaluable assets in the professional world.

Architects, Engineers and Designers, both clients and associates, make use of the professional working Academy IDT Drawing Office on projects, giving you exposure to real clients in a professional environment, keeping you on your toes in case you need to make an impromptu presentation or sit in on a client briefing, providing you with all the tools you will need to enter any sector of the industry.  Academy IDT also takes pride in taking a role in mentoring juniors and encouraging them to take an entrepreneurial view of the opportunities that may lie ahead of them.

Visit the Academy IDT website to gather all the information you need about this intensive programme that will take you to the top of the list of any potential employer virtually before you even step out of the Academy IDT door.

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