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Become a top draughtsman in one year at Academy IDT.

If this sounds a bit far-fetched, it’s not!  If becoming a draughtsman or woman is what you dream of, and you’re willing to put your all into it, you can do in one year what is normally done in two!

Academy IDT has put together what is known as the toughest draughting course in Africa, and as a result of this, has become the number one academy of draughting courses in Cape Town.

This has only been possible as a result of the phenomenal results students have been able to achieve, with a pass rate of over 80% every year.

It’s not just that this is no ordinary draughting course that combines all the skills and knowledge necessary for most draughting projects.

The various skills imparted will prepare you with the multi-disciplinary expertise needed to slot into any drawing office once you graduate.

Academy IDT is also committed to doing all that’s possible to assist students in gaining employment, even while you are studying.  A large majority of junior draughtsmen and women graduating from Academy IDT are offered employment in professional drawing offices, before they even graduate!

This is because those in the industry already know that they will be getting the cream of the crop before they can be snapped up by anyone else.

They know that anyone tackling this tough CAD draughting course has received the best training in all disciplines and has already had on-the-job training.

Because you will be working the same hours as you would in a professional drawing office, including overtime to meet deadlines, with very little in the way of holidays, you will be more than prepared to adapt and keep up in this high-pace industry, from day one in any drawing office.

Academy IDT is nothing like a classroom, in fact, it’s a working environment that is exactly as you would expect from in a professional open-plan set-up, except that in this case you will be sharing the space with staff that have paid their own dues in the industry.

Working on real projects and interacting with architects, engineers and designers who use CAD Warehouse, the professional arm of Academy IDT, gives you the opportunity of a lifetime to learn in a real-world environment.

This is an extreme study experience that will send you out into the professional world, work-ready as a fully prepared, well-rounded draughtsperson with all the tools you need to make a success of the path you choose to pursue.

You will use at least four different leading CAD software programmes during your year at Academy IDT, and, at the end of the year, you will have met serious deadlines in order to produce an average of 1500 projects in 2D and 3D.

If any of these basic points terrify you, this 2-in-1 year CAD draughting course is definitely not for you!

Take your passion for attention to detail, a pro work ethic, engineering drawing, technical drawing and engineering graphics, add it all together and head for the career of your dreams!

The family at Academy IDT would love to hear from you, whether you are planning to do this intense one year programme, or you’d like to find out about part-time courses and modules that can take you another step up the rung of your professional life.

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