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Book your space at Academy IDT and get ready for takeoff into an exciting future in draughting!

A 93% pass rate should give you a clear indication that if you are willing to commit just one year of your life to gaining all the skills and knowledge necessary to create your future with CAD draughting skills that will be equip you for any industry, then the 2-in-1-year multi-disciplinary programme for draughting presented by Academy IDT is the best possible way in which to prepare yourself for entering the professional world of draughtsmanship with an unshakeable foundation!

None of this is just talk; graduation from Academy IDT paves the way for you to trust in the network of loyal industry partners built up by the team at IDT over the many years they have spent in the industry, partners who jump at the opportunity to employ Academy IDT graduates before even thinking about looking elsewhere!

Academy IDT is not your average-every-day college or university that allows you to work at your own pace as you drift in for a few classes each week, you will be signing up for such an intensive course in draughting, engineering drawing, technical drawing and engineering graphics that will stretch you further than you could ever imagine, taking you well beyond self-imposed limitations and stretching your boundaries to bring out the exceptional in you.

The sacrifices will be great in terms of your time, facing full work days and overtime when necessary, which means watching other students from colleges or universities going off on holiday while you keep your head down and work, but by the end of your year, you can plan a holiday that will have been well earned, that is if you are not already employed by the time you graduate!

The upside to all these sacrifices is that you will have a passionate team guiding you, inspiring and preparing you for the professional world of draughting who will become like family to you, working in an environment that is modern and mirrors the type of atmosphere you would encounter in any professional drawing office.

Make every second count, work hard and know that you will not have wasted your money on a draughting course that leads nowhere by contacting the Academy IDT team today to make sure your space is booked and ready for your takeoff into an exciting future!

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