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So, where can you go as a CAD Draughtsperson who has made the cut at Academy IDT?

Anywhere you like, in virtually any industry you can imagine and in any country around the globe!  As a developing region, there is a huge demand for CAD draughtspeople in Southern Africa in any manufacturing or construction sectors that work from designs or technical drawings.

Much like music, CAD is a universal language that can be used to create a future anywhere in the world in a myriad of industries and business sectors!

These organisations in which CAD draughtspeople flourish stretch from construction, architecture, electrics, ship building, mechanical engineering and piping right through to the aerospace industry, but, in order to be able to follow the path you set yourself as a draughtsperson, you are going to need all the skills that Academy IDT can offer you in their 2-in-1 year multidisciplinary programme for draughting.

This course is tough enough to prepare you for any industry you wish to enter, giving you in-depth knowledge and skill to use the various disciplines that work together on most draughting projects, putting you on solid enough ground to give you the confidence to adapt and take a versatile approach in a very high-tech industry, irrespective of the sector you enter.

A draughtsperson is, at its very essence, the artist who draws the concept before it will ever become a reality, it is the beginning of everything and anything that is ever made, and it all begins as a drawing!

In order to be able to produce the drawings that become tangible objects using CAD programs, which are the highly advanced computer programs that have taken draughtsmanship into the 21st century, you need to be able to understand the architecture of draughtsmanship from the ground up, which is exactly what Academy IDT does!

The way that Academy IDT does this is to take you directly into a working drawing-office to start your year of hard work, which means that you will be clocking in for ‘work’ every day, and sometimes working around the clock to meet deadlines that are every bit as strict as they would be in any professional drawing office.

You will learn everything there is to know about engineering drawing, technical drawing and engineering graphics, and in the process of this, you will also be meeting with real clients to collaborate on real projects and do presentations at the drop of a hat!

Everything the team at Academy IDT does to encourage, inspire and guide you through this tough course is aimed at preparing you to such an extent that when you walk out of Academy IDT and into your first job, you will take to it as easily as a duck takes to water!

If you think it is impossible to squeeze 2 years into 1, all you need do is take a look at the pass rates, and the amazingly high percentages that have been achieved by Academy IDT graduates to realise that if you have the stamina and commitment, along with the passion to follow a dream, you will find your place right up there at the top with the rest of them!

It’s known as the ‘Toughest Draughting Course in Africa’, and that is not an exaggeration, but, if you take all the skills and knowledge the Academy IDT team will equip you with, anything will be possible for your future as a draughtsperson anywhere in the world!

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