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Choosing where to study CAD Draughting?

Deciding where to study can be a daunting experience.

You think you’d like a career in draughting, but, what qualification will you need? And then, if you manage to qualify… will you find work in South Africa or even overseas? To make matters more complicated, you’ve heard of bad pass rates and colleges that offer questionable qualifications with graduates who are not ready for the work-place.

In this article we’ll help you ask the right questions to find the perfect college for a successful career in engineering, architecture or design.

The Academy IDT Value for Money Advantage

Added Value What to consider

2yrs in 1yr!

No 2nd year required. We achieve this by keeping our learners working in the drawing office for a full day. Why pay for two or three years of study? Work hard – get employed sooner – start earning within a year.(See what our learners have to say.)


We don’t hold back on training or skills – this is not just a few months programme, our mission is to make you as proficient as we can within the year. 1470 hours of draughting to serious deadlines, an average of 2500 projects in 2D and 3D, on various software packages, with constant access to experts is not the same as a few CAD lessons.

On-the-job learning

No Class! You’re not paying for time in a classroom – our learners have short project briefings (with demonstrations and explanations), but most of your time is spent at your workstation draughting, with Drawing Office managers and CAD experts close at hand to offer guidance. Projects are set according to input from our industry partners and closely resemble what would be expected when you are employed. Hence, we train according to industry best practice.

Real Clients

Academy IDT is a working drawing office and as often as possible, we give our juniors the opportunity to work on Actual Projects and interact with real clients. Engineers, Architects and Designers (both clients and associates) are regular visitors and in this professional environment learners are trained to be ready at any moment for an impromptu presentation of their project work. Learners have been included in client briefings and take ownership of the drawing office as a business – often actively pursuing opportunities – we encourage and mentor this real entrepreneurial activity.

National and International Certificates and Accreditations

Academy is accredited by the QCTO and a registered examination centre with the Department of Higher Education and Training. This gives you access to the National Certificate for Multi-Disciplinary Draughting. Our examination-registrations with various CAD software providers enable you to also sit international CAD exams.

93% Pass Rate

Our total pass-rate over all subjects (2009 – 2016) is currently 93%. 13% of those passes were distinctions – the majority of our distinctions are above 90%.

More than 1 CAD platform

Some institutions align their training with a single CAD software provider. There are many CAD platforms used in industry across the globe and by using a variety of platforms and no less than six software packages, we deliver a versatile draughtsperson who can adjust and adapt to any field of draughting in any country. Platforms we use include: Bentley, Autodesk, Dassault, SSI and Trimble.

Free Internet and Printing

Because our learners are more like junior employees – they have full access to all office facilities that one would expect when working in a drawing office : Internet Access; Server; Printing; Kitchen; Phone (for business calls); COFFEE!

Online Learning and Career Portal

All your learning material is available any-time any-where. We give you private access to your own portal where you will find videos, resources,  reports and a portfolio page where you can show-off your projects and advertise your availability for employment.

Employment Assistance

Academy IDT is all about effective placement of our graduates. It’s in our company vision statement! We go out-of-our way to effectively match our graduates with the best opportunity for them. During the year we apply effective and extensive reporting systems in order to document work-ethic and proficiency. These reports, and our personal relationship with our learners, form the basis of our placement service. Academy IDT does not tie our learners into onerous contracts – placing our graduates is a free service to the graduate.

Piping Included

Some institutions will only include this module in a second ‘advanced’ year. Piping Draughtspersons are in demand and can earn excellent salaries. Academy IDT has placed a high percentage of graduates into this prestigious field of draughting.

Civil Included

Again – some institutions will only include this module in a second ‘advanced’ year. Reinforced concrete detailing should be part of your basic skill-set. We make sure you can take advantage of any employment opportunity that comes your way.

Marine Draughting – ONLY at Academy IDT!

Academy IDT is the only draughting college in South Africa that includes Marine (Naval) draughting. Our location and the quality of our graduates made us the perfect partner to the Ship-building and Naval Architects in Cape Town.

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