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Draughting Versatility Is The Key To Landing An Exceptional Job In Any Drawing Office

When it comes to a career in drafting, being able to offer drawings in various disciplines will ensure you have loads of employment opportunities upon graduation. Especially if you get your qualification through Academy IDT in Cape Town. Landing your dream job has never been easier.

The draughting course offered by Academy IDT is a tough one! It’s two years of training combined into one. You’ll be working in a drawing office while you study various disciplines such as architectural, mechanical and electrical drawing as well as industrial design. You’ll be equipped with all the right tools and lots of coffee to get you through the long days. Make no mistake, you’ll be putting in a lot of time and effort if you want to successfully graduate this course.

Another benefit when studying draughting through Academy IDT is that you’ll gain experience with four different CAD software programmes throughout the duration of your course. This will enable you to walk into any drawing office and provide the drawings they require. This is exactly what employers are looking for when hiring draughting graduates. You might even land a job before you even graduate.

What makes this draughting course so unique is the fact that you get on the job training from seasoned professionals that know the industry like the back of their hand. You’ll be faced with real clients and real deadlines right from the get-go. What better way to learn than to jump into the deep end straight away.

Why waste time with mediocre draughting courses when you can get the best draughting training in South Africa? Set yourself up for success and sign up for the draughting course from Academy IDT. Visit their website for more information or get in touch with them today.

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