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Be the draughtsperson that stands head above shoulders of the rest!

Forget about attending a few classes week and umpteen holidays throughout the year, which is standard practice at most universities and colleges, when you cross the doorway at Academy IDT you are literally stepping into the real world of a drawing office!

In order to join other Academy IDT graduates who have maintained pass rates of above 90% across all disciplines, you will be signing up for a full working day and giving up holidays in order to produce the approximately 1500 drawings and 3D models that will mark your successful entry into the professional world!

Yes, it sounds mean and intense, but you get to qualify from the top academy of draughting courses in Cape Town, and from there the world is your oyster! You will be learning in an already established working drawing office, which will give you a really good idea of what your professional life will look like once you graduate.

The team at Academy IDT is there to give you the best of their many years worth of experience in the industry as they work alongside you in the drawing office atmosphere and share your space, they want only the best for you and their mentorship definitely leans towards encouraging their students to actively pursue entrepreneurship!

Academy IDT is where you will get your first taste of what it will be like when you enter the professional arena by giving you the opportunity to interact with real clients who are in and out of their state of the art drawing office, where absolute professionalism is the standard expected.

Technology is evolving at a furious pace, but as an Academy IDT graduate having made it through this intense 2-in-1-year multi-disciplinary programme for draughting, you will emerge with a versatility that will make adapting to this fast-paced high-tech industry second nature!

By the time you graduate from Academy IDT you will be a high value asset to any drawing office, that’s if you don’t already have job offers before you even graduate. If these are standards you believe you will be able to meet, this course will truly be the investment of a lifetime in your future!

Check out what’s in store for you by contacting the Academy IDT team, there is always someone there willing to show you the way!

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