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A technical drawing is useless until it is perfect.  Academy IDT has a review process similar to what you would encounter in industry – students have strict deadlines and every drawing is reviewed, marked-up and either returned for corrections or signed-off. A technical drawing is useless until it is perfect – we insist that students re-submit work until it has been approved and signed-off by the lecturer / drawing-office manager.

We keep a record of every review and this effectively displays the student’s work ethic and ability to deliver a project within a given deadline.

The review process in different companies will vary, however most draughtspersons will be expected to deliver drawings to the drawing office manager, engineer or architect for comment and mark-up. The drawings are then returned to the draughtsperson to be corrected and amended. Depending on the scale of the project, the drawings may be reviewed many times by various professionals and the client before being signed off and sent for manufacture or construction.

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