Looking for ENGINEERING or ARCHITECTURAL CAD Professionals?

We supply all your drawing-office and design personnel, including, Draughtsmen, Engineers and Architects

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You are wanting to appoint someone to your permanent staff. Our fee: Once off 12% of annual TCTC


You are wanting to employ somebody on your temporary contractual basis. Our fee: 15% on the TCTC for the duration of any contract


You are needing draughting services where we provide you with on-site or outsourced staff. Our fee: To be discussed dependent on your specific requirements

The employment process


Complete our online form describing the position and your company - we'll contact you to discuss your requirements. If necessary we'll visit your company to assess the environment and company-culture.


Once you've signed an engagement contract we'll match your requirements to the various candidates available and provide you with a shortlist of our recommendations and cv's to consider.


We will schedule the interview venue, date and time as per your requirements. When you've made your decision we'll forward your contract to the candidate of your choice. Congratulations on your successful appointment!