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Multi-disciplinary Engineering Graphics using CAD

Best Multi-disciplinary Draughting

Currently done only in Cape Town, this 2 in 1-year multi-disciplinary certificate programme prepares you to start your career as a draughtsperson in any drawing office requiring CAD architectural or engineering drawings or 3D models.  The programme includes the following modules:

  • Architectural Draughting
  • Mechanical Draughting
  • Structural Steel Detailing
  • Electrical Draughting
  • Civil Draughting
  • Piping Draughting
  • General Draughting
  • Pictorial Draughting
  • Mechanical and Drawing Office Orientation.

Autocad, Solidworks, Microstation, Sketchup.

Industry Standard CAD Software

You will use at least four differnet leading CAD software programmes during the course of the year.  This equips you with versatility and allows you adaptability in a fast-moving hi-tech industry.

  • Autodesk – Autocad
  • Dassault – Solid works
  • Bentley – Microstation
  • Trimble – Sketchup

For more information about draughting, Entrance requirements, Softwares, Prices, click on the HELP! or read further and then Register/Enquire.

Get employed as a draughtsperson with Academy IDT

80% of graduates are employed

As well as becoming a proficient draughtsperson, learn the soft-skills (work-ethic) to make you highly sought-after as an employee. Academy IDT graduates are sought-after because they’re schooled in best-practices regarding:

  • Meeting of Deadlines
  • Networked and server file storage and retrieval
  • Drawing-office review processes
  • Accuracy, Layout, Neatness
  • Confidentiality and Professional Client relationships
  • Team Work
  • Commitment to the project outcome
  • Accountability and Responsibility

OPEN INVITATION! 19th October 2016



This year’s theme: REV.X


Our students are conspiring to re-invent the future.

As well as exhibiting their portfolios, they will be presenting their REV.X concepts.


19th October 2016, 2pm-4pm

(There’s no schedule so feel free to arrive at any time between 2pm and 4pm)


3rd Floor, 301 Temple House, 57 Buitenkant Street, Cnr Roeland Street, Gardens, Cape Town

Who should attend

  1. People interested in a career in draughting / Computer Aided Design
  2. Employers looking for the best junior draughtspersons in South Africa *
  3. Manufacturers looking for fresh ideas
  4. Anyone interested Engineering, Architecture or Design

* Employers, please note: we charge a placement fee. Enquiries should be addressed to keith@academyidt.co.za.

RSVP - I will be attending REV.X Industry Day 2016

RSVP - I will be attending REV.X Industry Day 2016

Please let us know that you will be attending.

Your Name
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Subjects – Draughting


You may have an idea of which draughting field you prefer and we are here to ensure that you have all the skills and knowledge required to allow you to follow your passion in whichever draughting field you choose.  By giving you a strong multi-disciplinary foundation, we allow you to take advantage of any draughting opportunity that comes your way.  You will also find that – in most projects the various disciplines work together and your multi-disciplinary knowledge will give you the leading-edge in your draughting career.

The following are some of the modules included in the one year programme:

    • Architectural Draughting
    • Mechanical Draughting
    • Structural Steel Detailing
    • Electrical Draughting
    • Civil Draughting
    • Piping Draughting
    • General Draughting
    • Pictorial Draughting
    • Mechanical and Drawing Office Orientation.

Your year at Academy IDT will also include extensive use with our computer networked drawing office, frequently accessing the servers to review, revise and record your latest work versions. This ensures that you are able to function in any computerised drawing office.

What to consider


The Academy IDT Value for Money Advantage

Added Value What to consider

2yrs in 1yr!

No 2nd year required. We achieve this by keeping our learners working in the drawing office for a full day. Why pay for two or three years of study? Work hard – get employed sooner – start earning within a year.(See what our learners have to say.)


We don’t hold back on training or skills – this is not just a few months programme, our mission is to make you as proficient as we can within the year. 1470 hours of draughting to serious deadlines, an average of 1500 projects in 2D and 3D, on various software packages, with constant access to experts is not the same as a few CAD lessons.

On-the-job learning

No Class! You’re not paying for time in a classroom – our learners have short project briefings (with demonstrations and explanations), but most of your time is spent at your workstation draughting, with Drawing Office managers and CAD experts close at hand to offer guidance. Projects are set according to input from our industry partners and closely resemble what would be expected when you are employed. Hence, we train according to industry best practice.

Real Clients

Academy IDT is a working drawing office and as often as possible, we give our juniors the opportunity to work on Actual Projects and interact with real clients. Engineers, Architects and Designers (both clients and associates) are regular visitors and in this professional environment learners are trained to be ready at any moment for an impromptu presentation of their project work. Learners have been included in client briefings and take ownership of the drawing office as a business – often actively pursuing opportunities – we encourage and mentor this real entrepreneurial activity.

More than 1 platform

Some institutions align their training with a single CAD software provider. There are many CAD platforms used in industry across the globe and by using a variety of platforms and no less than six software packages, we deliver a versatile draughtsperson who can adjust and adapt to any field of draughting in any country. Platforms we use include: Bentley, Autodesk, Dassault, SSI and Trimble.

Free Internet and Printing

Because our learners are more like junior employees – they have full access to all office facilities that one would expect when working in a drawing office : Internet Access; Server; Printing; Kitchen; Phone (for business calls); COFFEE!

Free SAID registration

Academy IDT pays for all our learners to be registered with the South African Institute of Draughting. This membership with a professional body is important for your career and we include it free of charge for our learners.

Free Learning Material

As of 2014 – our learners will be issued with all learning material free-of-charge and you will have no extra expenses for textbooks.

Employment Assistance

Academy IDT is all about effective placement of our graduates. It’s in our company vision statement! We go out-of-our way to effectively match our graduates with the best opportunity for them. During the year we apply effective and extensive reporting systems in order to document work-ethic and proficiency. These reports, and our personal relationship with our learners, form the basis of our placement service. Academy IDT does not tie our learners into onerous contracts – placing our graduates is a free service to the graduate.

Piping Included

Some institutions will only include this module in a second ‘advanced’ year. Piping Draughtspersons are in demand and can earn excellent salaries. Academy IDT has placed a high percentage of graduates into this prestigious field of draughting.

Civil Included

Again – some institutions will only include this module in a second ‘advanced’ year. Reinforced concrete detailing should be part of your basic skill-set. We make sure you can take advantage of any employment opportunity that comes your way.



(Please use the above tabs to view current tuition fees and for an explanation of the costs.)

So you’ve read about the course content?
You’ve read about the time saving?
You’ve read about the value-add offering?

At this point let us now address your next most asked question:

How much?

“What is my investment amount for this programme?”

To determine why this is for you view our “How we compare” page. Sometimes more is better!

Help – questions


You now probably have a list of questions that you need help with:


Click here to read more about the career of draughting, click on the tabs to find the answers, browse our site for more information or complete the enquiry/application form below.

Here are a few common questions we receive – to see the answers to these FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) please use the tabs above or below (it depends on your browser): Cost, Entrance, Qualification, Laptop.. etc.

  • Will I get in – what are the entry requirements?
  • What qualification do I get?
  • What are the required computer specifications?
  • What software do I use?
  • What are the career prospects?

If this is for you, scroll down to Registration form or call +2721 286-0041 to book your assessment test.

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You want to be one of the best draughtspersons in industry and you are serious about this draughting career?

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Workplace Learning Environment

CAD draughtsmen hard at work

It’s not like a college – it’s like working in a drawing-office!

From the minute you walk through our doors you will know that Academy IDT is like no other ‘college’ you have ever visited: each have their own workstation in the drawing-office; students and staff use the various spaces and co-habit them as a design office team. The briefing area is a trendy space with high definition, state-of-the-art display equipment where management and students may present ideas and drawings; coffee breaks and lunch are enjoyed either in the office on the roof top deck or at the many available spots within the area.

Academy IDT is not only involved with training – we are a fully operational CAD drawing office and take on many client projects throughout the year.  For more information regarding our CAD draughting services, please contact Keith Cole – 0861 70 7773 or keith@academyidt.co.za.

We don’t have students – We have Junior Professionals

Our ‘students’ are more like professionals and Academy IDT management relate to them as they would junior employees in a drawing office. The dress code is professional and our juniors have an attitude, etiquette and work-ethic to match! Walk up to any workstation and you will be greeted with a smile and firm handshake. Ask to see his/her work and you will be given a professional presentation that would impress even the most important client.

Our Juniors commit to a full working day

Unlike most other colleges and universities, our students don’t attend a few classes per week. Academy IDT juniors sign-up for a working day with very little time off and almost no holidays. During their year at Academy IDT, each student will produce approximately ONE THOUSAND, FIVE HUNDRED drawings and 3D models. It’s a very intense programme.

We are more about the end product delivery than the hours spent at desk.
When our students graduate we want them to be able to walk into any drawing office, no matter how busy and out-perform even their most ambitious colleagues.

(Note – This schedule does not apply to part timers. Part Time learners attend three evenings per week.)

Projects are driven by Review Deadlines

In any design or engineering drawing office, project deadlines are all-important. Draughtspeople usually work under extreme pressure to meet deadlines accurately and efficiently. The review process in different companies will vary, however most draughtspersons will be expected to deliver drawings to the drawing office manager, engineer or architect for comment and mark-up. The drawings are then returned to the draughtsperson to be corrected and ammended. Depending on the scale of the project, the drawings may be reviewed many times by various professionals and the client before being signed off and sent for manufacture or construction.

Academy IDT has a review process similar to what you would encounter in industry – students have strict deadlines and every drawing is reviewed, marked-up and either returned for corrections or signed-off. We keep a record of every review and this effectively displays the student’s work ethic and ability to deliver a project within a given deadline.

Training is delivered by experienced professionals from industry

Our drawing office managers and trainers are all people with many years of experience as draughtspeople across all fields of engineering, architecture and design. All lecturers are currently involved and working in industry – this means that they are current with developments in engineering and technology.

Students work with real clients

Academy IDT take on actual client-projects and students may get the opportunity to work on these depending on their performance and level of skill. Past projects include a wide range of detail drawings and 3D work. Please see the drawing office portfolio for some projects in which learners were involved.

Your CAD Draughting Career

Draughtsman at work in Academy IDT

What does a draughtsperson do?

Computer-aided design (CAD) draughtspeople communicate ideas and designs using drawings that include all the technical engineering specifications which the artisans and tradesmen understand and need in order to build or manufacture the design.

Early drawings were produced using a drawing-board, paper and drawing tools.  These days, the drawings are produced using very advanced computer programs (CAD programs) to communicate the dimensions, materials, and technical elements that are required to produce a wide range of products and components, from buildings to fabric.  Almost everything that is manufactured or built started with an idea that was communicated using the skill of draughting;  the computer, phone or tablet you’re using to view this website had to be drawn before it could be manufactured.  Your desk, the chair you’re sitting on, your house, your school, the pen you’re holding… EVERYTHING has to be drawn before it can be built.
A draughtsperson’s skills are used to produce plans and technical drawings for a wide range of products and components, from buildings to fabric.  They may also update and make amendments to existing CAD drawings or convert previous inked drawings into computer drawings.

Click here to read more about the career of draughting.

Employment Opportunities


80% of graduates Employed.

We add people that add value

Academy IDT is proud of how quickly and successfully our graduates are integrated into industry using multi-disciplinary draughting.  We run a fully-functional recruitment and placement arm charging fees for professional services with our graduates taking priority – naturally!
Our potential 2016 graduates are readying themselves for their promising draughting careers and are eager to impress. We have been extremely busy with site visits and arranging interviews with prospective employers for these junior draughtsman.We assist them with putting their CV’s together and prepare them for the interview process.Should you be a company that is in need of any architectural or engineering professionals, technicians or draughtspersons please contact keith@academyidt.co.za with the email Subject – Opportunity, and we will contact you to gather more information so as to best fulfill your requirement.

Should you be an architectural or engineering professional, technician or graduate that is looking for workplace experience, contract work or full time employment please contact keith@academyidt.co.za with the email Subject – Employment, and a copy of your CV.

Most of our graduates are successfully employed within a few months of finishing their studies.  A small percentage are placed before they finish the full-time programme – for these we offer the opportunity to switch to part-time studies in order to take advantage of the work opportunity and still complete the course.Academy IDT graduates tend to ‘move up the ladder’ rather quickly and we have past students from 2009 – 2011 who have now achieved positions of responsibility and management roles in their companies.  We have even had these achievers contacting us to recruit juniors!  We are so proud of them!

A percentage of our graduates enrol for further studies – often in the engineering or architectural fields.  They always have an advantage over their colleagues because of the amount of draughting experience and fundamental engineering knowledge they have acquired with Academy IDT.

We have a few past students who are ‘missing in action’ – if you are a past student – please make contact and let us know where you’re working.

The class-links above give a detailed report of student employment history.  Last names have been omitted for privacy.

68% 12% 17% 1% 2%
Employed Engineering-
Employed Other Studying Further Seeking MIA

Earn a National Certificate


Write National Exams and receive your N4-N5 Draughting Certificate

National Exams Pass Rates 2009 – 2016

Statistics reflect latest exam results per student per subject


Employers are impressed with our graduates

Design Meeting - QJD, Dean and Warren

Academy IDT produce the best juniour draughtspersons in South Africa

We add people that add value

Academy IDT run a professional recruitment and placement arm – for all your engineering / CAD / architectural recruitment requirements please contact Keith Cole – keith@academyidt.co.za

Further to our appointment of one of Academy IDT’s graduates, we would like to inform you of our satisfaction with both.
He has proven to be a real asset – despite his youth has settled into the role very well demonstrating a keen ability to handle the work he is allocated. He is versatile in his understanding of a variety of engineering concepts and this is testament to the broad nature of his draughting training. Naturally there are specifics which are new to him, but he is very eager to learn and grasp new ideas.

His 3D draughting ability is impressive and he has contributed to several successful presentations in this regard. His overall work ethic is great and interaction with colleagues and superiors is engaging and yet respectful.
It is clear from his ability and manner that Academy IDT provide a very sound base of knowledge from which all graduates can build a successful career. It is great to find a draughting school that does not only focus on teaching CAD software, but also goes into the basic aspects of engineering, thereby creating understanding in addition to knowledge.

We are completely satisfied with the services provided by Academy IDT and their team and have already recommended your services to others.
We will certainly employ your services in the future.
Gary Van Der Heyde, Operations Director – Project Assignments


I had the pleasure of working with a graduate straight from college. I settled him in them left him on his own. He was very knowledgeable. Well done Academy IDT
Jo-Anne Norman

ACS has employed several graduates from Academy IDT. We found that graduates from Academy IDT are trained in more than just their area of expertise. They are more professional and understand the needs of our business to a much larger extent than that of other training institutions. As such, Academy IDT is our preferred supplier of newly qualified draughtsman.Fredl Laing, Managing Director, ACS – African Consulting Surveyors

In my experience to date, I have not seen any better prepared junior draughtsmen.
L Trocado, Engineering Director – Lesedi Nuclear Services


The quality of technical training and the obvious effort you and your staff make to prepare students for the real workplace in terms of work ethic and discipline enabled both junior draughtsman to contribute real value to our company…
Raymond Ellerbeck, Director – C.O Designs


I have been a cad manager for 13 years… and have been nothing but impressed by the students quality, speed and desire to learn. Academy IDT has given them a great background of skills from which they can form successful careers.
Del Bousfield, Regional Director – Ibsecad


We have employed four graduates from the IDT Academy and have been impressed by their knowledge and work ethic. Keith’s insight to each students’ capabilities allowed us to match their skills with our long term requirements… I will have no hesitation in asking Keith to send me his ‘new group’ of graduates.
Mark Hewitson, Managing Director – Euro Technology


…Peter, Keith is the CEO of Academy IDT and they are really great in their approach to teaching students not only about the subject matter but also about them being professional. Their course and students come highly recommended!
L Kruger-Fountain, Principal Urban Designer, City of Cape Town

What our Learners Say

Draughting Learners heading for blue-sky opportunity

It was an absolute pleasure, my year studying at Academy IDT. The lecturer’s and team are extremely knowledgeable and always available to help. The training that I received at the academy has prepared me to jump into the deep end, and with their assistance, set out on a career at a very reputable company to start running their drawing office. Nowhere else will a year of studying be able to push you that far ahead in your career path.

(Update) – I now run the drawing office, where my main focus to change and update existing drawings and registers, research, design and draw new equipment and parts, implement and manage all drawing office related filing and ISO procedures.

Thank you to the Academy IDT team!

Egbert -class of 2015

Good day Sir,

Hope you are well.

I would like to thank you for teaching me all of what I know about draughting and CAD for the year I spent at Academy IDT. I know I wasn’t one of the easiest students and would have changed a lot if I could go back and do it again, but I am grateful for the experience.

I left Academy IDT and went to work as a draughtsman. The demand for multi-skilled draughtsman is much higher than I thought and after a year or so I was then fortunate enough to purchase SolidWorks Premium CAD software and start my own company. I’ve had the privilege of being part of the design of some amazing projects for well-known company’s in Namibia.

I’ve completed the process upgrade for Cerebos salt here as well as the plant layout and design of various other equipment.
I’ve designed a bulk bagging unit for Grindrod, this is used to fill 14ton bags with copper ore,
and a whole lot more.

Without you and everyone at Academy IDT this would have not been possible, thank you once again to all of you!

Kind regards
Richard -class of 2014

After many years working in an office and operation management role, I had a passion to pursue a career in a more technical field, but found it difficult to make that change without the neccesary skills to do so.

It was by chance that in September 2013 I came to hear about Academy IDT and what they could do, and after a brief meeting with the team there, it was clearly an easy decision that they would be the catalyst and provide the assistance I need to make this change.

The couse consists of multiple disciplines of engineering and architectural draughting and uses a combination of continuous assessment and exams, with an office like environment complete with reviews etc, it created a fantastic “real world” environment to learn the necessary skills to find employment once the course was completed.

With lots of long, long hours and hard work as well as the ongoing motivation, passion and drive from the teaching team and the placement arm of Academy IDT, I was fortunate to have been employed at a great Consulting Engineering firm by the time I finished my last exams!

A Big thanks to the entire Academy IDT team, that is able to equip one with the necessary tools to break into this field, even for us “ou manne”! I would not have been able to do it without your assistance.

Looking back now, taking the plunge to come and study at AIDT was sooooo well worth it!

Dano du Toit – Class 2014

I enrolled in January 2012 and having completed the one year multi disciplinary programme at Academy IDT, I applied for a Mechanical draughtsman position in Paarl that I had spotted in the newspaper.

This was my first application and was during the start of December 2012, vacation was the main thing on my mind.

I faxed through my CV that morning and was contacted the same afternoon. I went for an interview 4 days later, and was phoned a week after that with the news that the job was mine. I was to start in January 2013. I was so thrilled!

Since then, I attended a Stainless steel course as further training. I have been to Johannesburg for the AVI expo to showcase my company’s products and to Port Elizabeth to join the installation team for site experience. I have also had my fair share of floor experience in our companies own shop floor, having helped in the machining and assembly processes.

I hope that I can add a paragraph like these each year.

Thank you very much Academy IDT, I know I made the right decision when I signed up!

and then later:

Just want to let you guys know, I am having a big laugh today.
My colleges (2 van hulle) have to give a presentation to their lector about their practical year as mechanical engineers. (They are both third year students) They are stressed!

This is where I can now appreciate IDT s’ interactive lectors and staff.
Never during my studies did I feel that it was a burden to speak to any of the staff or lectors,
Thanks again for the fantastic establishment that you are and keep up the good vibes
Ulrich Bosman – Class 2012

To the Academy (KICK ASS) Team

I think it would do the team at IDT little justice if I had to put into words what you guys mean and have meant to me during the time that I have known you. It gives such great pleasure when I think of my journey I have been on since I joined IDT.

We embark on the journey of life not knowing where we are going and where we will end up. We can but only plan, work hard and hope luck is in our favour. I however believe luck is preparedness meeting opportunity. Since I joined IDT I have unbelievable lucky. IDT has devoted their time and life preparing us for when those perfect opportunities comes knocking.

After years of struggling, I was able to consolidate all my experiences and prepare for the opportunities with IDT at my side.

The elation I am feeling is of an indescribable nature and I find it hard to gather the words. I hope that you all understand how much you have meant to me over time and I believe that there is a great friendship to enjoy.

To the team listed below….. take a bow…..
Schalk Burger van Wyk – Class 2011

I would like you all at Academy IDT to know that I will be starting with my new job on the 1st of November 2013. I am looking forward to this new venture in my life. I want to thank you all for what you gave me in life and will always be grateful for that. All the best & keep on doing to others what you have done for me.
Nicolai Geerdts – Class 2012

I went to the company in Strand, and I have the job if I want it… I would just like to thank all of you at Academy IDT for the amazing year that you taught me. I can’t thank you enough actually. To be honest I don’t find my current work very challenging and I have a sneaking suspicion that is because of you.
Marco Minny – Class 2012

I had a great experience with Academy IDT during my year of part time studying! The reassurance and confidence obtained when learning from such experienced lecturers made it easy to do well and reach your goals. I don’t think I ever had a question that wasn’t able to be answered in a way that it was easily understandable

Richard Lovett – Part Time Class 2011

What our parents have to say.


As a parent I wish to provide feedback on the August 2015-2016 year that has passed in which my son has attended the academy for engineering and architectural draughting – Academy IDT.
He has really grown over this last year not only into a young man, but a professional young man.

The academy has really taught him a great deal, not only academically but also how to provide opinions and insight into various aspects of a fast growing world.

We have been astonished at the volume of knowledge he has gained and how quickly he has learnt the various aspects of draughting enabling him to comfortably talk about various aspects of anything structural, mechanical etc.

He enjoys what he is doing and is happy and at the end of the day that is what is most important.

Thank you for everything.

A very satisfied parent of the class of 2015!

My son, who is suffering from ADD/ADHD, was an average to below average student at school, but showed an interest in engineering graphics and drawings and we enrolled him at AcademyIDT.  We did not expect too much as he has never been good at doing home work or completing assignments on time. Initially the start of the year at AcademyIDT proved to be no different. He was often late in submissions or not handing in assignments at all!

Fortunately the lecturers and  staff at AcademyIDT never gave up on him. They kept up the pressure, helping where they could and kept on encouraging him. He never missed a day at the academy and the lecturers contributed substantially in growing him not only as a draughtsman, but becoming a more responsible person that has to accept the consequences of his behaviour.  In a bigger academic institution, he would definitely have become lost and most certainly would have failed. He has completed his studies and received his National MDDOP Certificate.

I am confident he will take forward all the ‘life’ lessons from AcademyIDT and become a competent and reliable draughtsman.

Thank you to the Academy IDT team.

From “an ever grateful parent” the class of 2014

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Phone +27 (0)21 286 0041

Feel free to contact us with any queries on the above numbers.
Should you not reach us there, you can use 083-251-8187


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Recruitment, Placement and Employers: Keith Cole

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