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Enter a whole new world of draughting, design, engineering and drawing with Academy IDT!

Hard work and sacrifices notwithstanding, when you graduate from Academy IDT you leave with one of the toughest draughting courses in Africa as your entry into the professional world of architecture and engineering, and it is the perfect introduction to any draughting team who value all the skills you have learned in an exceptional 2-in-1-year multi-disciplinary programme for draughting that is well known and highly respected in the industry.

This reputation is borne out by the fact that a large percentage of Academy IDT students are offered employment before they have even graduated, and if you take into account that Academy IDT students have a 93% pass rate, and if you are willing to commit yourself fully to this 2-in-1-year multi-disciplinary draughting programme you will not be wasting your money on a useless course that gets you nowhere.

As a result of many years spent in the draughting industry, the team at Academy IDT have built up a network of valuable and loyal industry partners who choose to employ Academy IDT graduates before even considering any other graduate, and CAD Warehouse, the Drawing-Office and Recruitment arm of IDT takes your education a step further by offering a professional placement service.

The comments posted by past students who have made it through this tough Academy IDT programme are truly heart-warming; it is obvious that these graduates have really formed strong bonds with the phenomenal team who pushed them past what they thought were their boundaries to show them just how much they were truly capable of.

The size of the classes at Academy IDT are just right and ensure that each student receives the attention, guidance and inspiration necessary to fully grasp every aspect of the world of design, engineering and technical drawing as well as engineering graphics (find more details at https://www.basicsolutions.com/services/engineer-staffing/).

Please visit the Academy IDT website today to start the journey to the realisation of your dreams, or have a chat with the friendly team to find out more about what this 2-in-1-year multi-disciplinary draughting programme has in store for you!

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