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Everything You Need To Know About Becoming A Draughtsman

Before committing to a career of draughting, make sure you have your facts straight. Educate yourself about what exactly a career as a draughtsman will entail. In this article, we’ll give you all the information you’ll need to make an informed decision before you register for draughtsman courses.

What is a draughtsman?

A Draughtsman, also known as a Draftsman, is an individual that can draft technical drawings. These drawings can be used for various purposes, like engineering or architecture. Drafters take the thoughts of designers and translate them into reality by making them into complex visual representations of plans.

What’s the difference between a draughtsman and an architect?

Architects work alongside draughtsmen and engineers to plan and determine that space will be sufficient for its primary goal, whether human occupancy or technical use. An architect is basically an overseer with regards to the planning and designing part of buildings.

What software do draughtsmen use for drawing?

Originally, draughtsmen drew on paper but with the advancements made in technology, modern draughtsmen make use of CAD software programmes. This enables the drafter to optimize, modify and analyse his drawings.

Who can become a draughtsman?

To become a draughtsman, you are required to have excellent mathematical and analytical skills, superior drawing abilities and great hand-eye coordination. You also need to be computer literate since the majority of your work will be done on a computer.

Where can you study to become a draughtsman?

There are many draughtsman courses available in South Africa but none can compare to the programme offered by Academy IDT. This 2-in-1 multi-disciplinary course will set you up for life. It’s a tough course to pass since you’ll be working and studying all at the same time but if you want to get the best education available, this course is for you.

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