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What to expect from a two-in-one year CAD draughting course at Academy IDT.

Nothing that is typical of any other draughting course in Cape Town, for one!  If you are prepared for a reality check about choosing a career as a draughtsman, then Academy IDT is just right for you!

By the time you graduate, you will know exactly what you’re in for in the professional world, and you’ll be more than ready for it!

What to expect:

  • Lecturers who know the industry inside out! These are professionals who have dedicated their lives to all the draughting disciplines possible in industry, which means that they are far more than just teachers. The practical experience of the lecturers who support you throughout your year are not going to waste your time with unnecessary study content, they want you to have the benefit of subjects that really count in the industry today.
  • Full working days, a lot of overtime and very few holidays! This is no ‘ordinary’ school set-up, you actually work on projects at your own work station every day.
  • Modern surroundings and the latest in technology. Because technology is constantly in motion, you need to work with the latest CAD systems possible in order to prepare you for the world you will enter on graduation.
  • The atmosphere you’ll be studying in is an absolute reflection of what it’s like to work as part of a team in an open-plan drawing office. Collaboration is a major part of working in any drawing office, which is why, in general, you will be working in a similar environment professionally.
  • Working on real projects for real clients, along with your Project Manager, in order to be able to do presentations, share ideas and produce what is required on schedule.
  • Any drawings you produce will go through the same scrutiny as they would in a professional drawing office. They will either be signed off, or, if necessary, be sent back to you for correction.
  • Meeting deadlines and accuracy are fundamental to your success at taking on a two-in-one year multi-disciplinary CAD draughting course, making it impossible to do this course at your own pace. Either you commit to it 100%, or you choose an easier, longer route!
  • Biometric access to the campus and to your workstation is part of the package, and you’re going to need it when you burn the midnight oil to meet a deadline!
  • A workstation to call your own, a rooftop spot perfect for getting a bit of fresh air while you have your munchies and coffee that’s always on tap – just to keep you going when your eyes start drooping!
  • There will always be qualified, seasoned professionals in the drawing office with you, so that when you get stuck or need direction you’ll have it right there.
  • There is a fun side to all this hard work! Inevitably, when you are working in an open-plan environment that you share with other students and the staff, encouragement, inspiration and laughter also becomes part of this journey. It’s impossible not to become part of the family during the time you spend with fellow students working just as hard as you, and seasoned professionals who are passionate about passing on their own knowledge and experience!

When you’re ready to take the leap into a future as a draughtsman with unlimited potential, contact Academy IDT to make sure you reserve your workstation before anyone else can fill it!


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