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Experience the professional world of draughting before you even graduate from Academy IDT!

The pass rates for graduates from Academy IDT are, without a doubt, the highest in terms of draughting courses in Cape Town, with an average pass rate in the 85 percentile, and more for those who have passed with distinction, which, if you decide you have the courage for, should inspire hope enough to take a deep breath and delve into the 2-in-1-year multi-disciplinary programme for draughting that will set you way ahead of your peers.

In comparison to what other universities and colleges are offering in terms of draughting courses, Academy IDT is the real-deal, your exposure to what your future will look like in the professional world of a drawing-office starts from day one when you enter a working environment much like the one you are aiming for!

Yes, it’s a tough course, but, and this is essential to keep in mind if becoming a draughtsperson is what you aspire to, once you have graduated from Academy IDT, you will be snapped up by established drawing-office teams, based solely on the respect the industry has for the  high standards expected of any Academy IDT graduate.  In fact, many juniors at Academy IDT are already employed before they even hit graduation day!

Engineering graphics, technical drawing and engineering drawing are all disciplines that can be used in any specific career in which you choose to use your knowledge, whether it is in electrical design, designing buildings, mechanical design or even aeronautical design, wherever any and all of these disciplines are required, there is your own place in the sun you can reach for!

It will be easy for you to adapt to the fast-paced, technological world you will be entering on graduation because you will already be used to a work ethic that has been formed by the full days you put in during your year at Academy IDT – not to mention the after-hours work you will be doing!

Chucking the idea of breaks and holidays, unless you count a lunch and a few coffee breaks as a brief respite, will have you ready and willing to go at full steam, where others who have chosen a longer, easier path will struggle to keep up with the punishing hours this career demands when reality sets in.

Because of the draughting you do daily at your own workstation, alongside professionals always willing to assist, you will be a fully rounded draughtsperson able to offer the kind of versatility and adaptability that working in the industry of your choosing will require – what the team at Academy IDT wants most for you is to make you the trusted go-to person in any drawing-office!

The campus at IDT is up-to-date in every sense of the word, from the modern, airy environment to the latest equipment and programmes in use today, along with every convenience you could possibly need in a working drawing-office – including the very essential, permanently brewing coffee!

Once you have signed up for your Academy IDT draughting course, you will be using at least four different leading CAD software programmes throughout your year, CAD programmes that are right up there with the latest that is being used in the professional environment!

Do you have what it takes to tackle the groundwork for a phenomenal future?  If you have decided that you do, then the team at Academy IDT would love to hear from you and welcome you into a world in which they share their own experience with dedicated passion, passing on over 30 years of experience in order to introduce you to the very best you can be!

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