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Full-Time Programme

The Drawing-Office|as a|Learning Environment

Actual work|with real clients

Academy IDT is a working drawing office and as often as possible, we give our juniors the opportunity to work on Actual Projects and interact with real clients. Engineers, Architects and Designers (both clients and associates) are regular visitors in this professional environment and students are ready at any moment for impromptu presentations or to attend client briefings.

We encourage our students to take ownership of the drawing office as a business and with our mentorship they often actively pursue entrepreneurial opportunities.

First Hand experience of|Drawing Office Systems

Academy IDT has a review process similar to what you would encounter in industry – students have strict deadlines and every drawing is reviewed, marked-up and either returned for corrections or signed-off.

No Class! You’re not paying for time in a classroom – our learners have short project briefings (with demonstrations and explanations), but most of your time is spent at your workstation draughting, with Drawing Office managers and CAD experts close at hand to offer guidance.

Stamina and|Professional Work-ethic

Unlike most other colleges and universities, our students don’t attend a few classes per week. Academy IDT juniors sign-up for a working day with very little time off and almost no holidays. During their year at Academy IDT, each student will produce approximately ONE THOUSAND, FIVE HUNDRED drawings and 3D models. It’s a very intense programme.

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