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How hard are you really willing to work to make your dreams come true?

That is the first question you will have to ask yourself if you are looking at what the Academy IDT 2-in-1 year multidisciplinary programme for draughting has to offer, because if nothing else, this one year journey into acquiring all the CAD draughting skills to give you an opening to any industry, is going to take every ounce of passion, drive and commitment you have.

Academy IDT offers a course unlike any other academy of draughting course in Cape Town and it really is only for the brave, and those willing to sacrifice holidays and a lot of weekends for a year, but at the end of it, it will be one of the best years of your life, giving you all the skills, knowledge and experience you need to slide home comfortably into any drawing office team.

If you have answered the question and are willing to put your all into this course that will equip you with vital experience in engineering drawing, engineering graphics and technical drawing, all of which form part of the various disciplines that work together on most draughting projects, best be prepared for the ride of your life!

From the first day you start your draughting course at Academy IDT you will be stepping into what your future will look like in a drawing office, because that is exactly what Academy IDT is, a working drawing office!

This is not a classroom-style set-up, Academy IDT Drawing-Office is in itself a highly respected drawing office that functions on a professional scale, carrying out architectural services, mechanical manufacturing drawings, industrial design and electrical schematics, all of which is carried out on a large and small scale for clients throughout Southern Africa.

The benefit to learning in a professional environment like this is that you get a first-hand taste of what the future holds for you and, as a junior, the nurturing team at Academy IDT will involve you in meeting with real clients, participating in real projects and working on them with the same type of deadlines you will face in the professional world.

Accepting that this course is going to be more than a nine-to-five ‘job’ (before you even graduate) will be a good place to start, the 24 hour biometric access you are given (and tons of coffee) is going to come in very handy when those deadlines have you squashed against the wall!

Academy IDT offers more than just the 2-in-1 year multidisciplinary draughting course, which means full day attendance – minus any holidays; this is definitely a course that is structured for you if you are unafraid of an extreme-study experience!  It will get your blood pumping just as hard as any extreme sport would!

The part time draughting course at Academy IDT is carried out over three nights a week, which gives students who are already employed full-time the flexibility they need to add to their knowledge base and skills, however, the part time course does not include Marine Draughting or Design Presentation Modules.

Academy IDT also offers Modular Courses that have been developed to assist those wanting to focus on specific skills that are required for a specialised discipline – which is a great way of advancing a career!

If you have answered yes to everything that this tough draughting course has to offer and are ready to join a long list of highly successful graduates, contact the team at Academy IDT to get started on the future you deserve for having what it takes to win!

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