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Hit the ground running as the go-to draughtsperson in any drawing-team after a year at Academy IDT!

If a career as a draughtsperson is the path you would like to carve out for yourself, the only way you can be prepared to hit the ground running is to enter the professional world able to adapt to a very fast-paced industry, one in which your versatility will be the vehicle that takes you in exactly the direction you would like to go, with the necessary skills.

The 2-in-1-year multi-disciplinary programme for draughting at Academy IDT is rigged to do just that, equipping you with all the knowledge you need to combine engineering drawing, technical drawing and engineering graphics in order to enter any field that interests you.

Just scrolling down the Academy IDT website to read a little of what past graduates have to say about this gruelling course will give you a pretty clear idea of just how much you will take away from it to design the future of your choice, and if anything, the team at Academy IDT not only encourage students to understand what it means to take ownership of the drawing-office, they also encourage students to think out of the box in terms of their future!

Once you have completed (perhaps ‘survived’ is a more descriptive word here!) your year at Academy IDT, you will be ready to join any drawing office that requires CAD architectural drawings, engineering drawings or 3D drawings, and you will be able to do it in complete confidence!

If you’ve decided you have the passion, commitment and determination that it will take to get through this tough course, you will find that Academy IDT graduates are in demand in the workplace specifically as a result of the quality of graduates who are able to take on this challenge and see it through.

It is this ability to rise to the challenge presented by this course that is fundamental to success in the professional world, and by the time you graduate from Academy IDT, you will have a work ethic that is beyond question, the ability to work under immense pressure and still meet deadlines that are crucial to any design industry!

Because your ‘classes’ will be short, most of your time will be spent at your draughting table in  a professional, working drawing-office that has everything you need at your workstation to carry out projects, including internet access, a server and printer!

With students and staff sharing the open space in the drawing-office, you will already have a taste for the type of interaction that takes place in the ‘real’ world, and there will always be an expert on hand to guide you through rough patches.

The day you graduate from Academy IDT, after a year of sacrificing holidays and breaks, other than lunch or coffee breaks (plenty coffee to go round – you’ll need it!), you will face the world confident about what you can bring to any drawing-team, and that the CAD architectural or engineering drawings and 3D models you are capable of delivering will be of the highest standard possible in the industry!

Contact the team at Academy IDT and have a chat with them about what this year could mean to you, they are a great team who have all paid their dues in the industry and who are passionate about sharing their knowledge with anyone dreaming of following in their footsteps!

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