After a hugely successful
Industry Day 2016
Employment Offers and Applications Flood in!

Thanks to the 200+ people that supported our students at this year’s industry day.  Guests included representatives from many companies as well as schools, prospective students and friends of design and engineering.

This morning (20th October) we received a flood of offers for a number of students (we’ll keep you posted – it’s still confidential) as well as numerous applications for next year’s intake. If you are considering starting in January – please don’t waste any time – we are filling fast!

The Invitation

REV-ising the future!

Our students are conspiring to re-invent the future.

As well as exhibiting their portfolios, they will be presenting their REV.X concepts.


19th October 2016, 2pm-4pm

(There’s no schedule so feel free to arrive at any time between 2pm and 4pm)


3rd Floor, 301 Temple House, 57 Buitenkant Street, Cnr Roeland Street, Gardens, Cape Town



  1. People interested in a career in draughting / Computer Aided Design
  2. Employers looking for the best junior draughtspersons in South Africa *
  3. Manufacturers looking for fresh ideas
  4. Anyone interested Engineering, Architecture or Design

* Employers, please note: we charge a placement fee. Enquiries should be addressed to


  1. Thank you for the invitation, but I will not be able to attend.

    Kind regards

    • Hi there Liezel,

      I trust all is well.

      We are very sorry that you are not able to attend as your input and endorsement is always appreciated. Please forward the invite to any of your colleagues that you think would enjoy a visit to our Academy. Thank you for letting us know.

      Kind Regards

  2. Hi there,

    Please be so kind, as to inform when your next open day will take place.
    Thank you,
    Best Regards,

    • Hi Sam

      Our annual Open Day event will take place in October next year. You are more than welcome to come in for a visit and meet with us. The students will have drawings to show to you and answer some of your questions. Please give me a call on 021 286 0041 as I will gladly be able to assist you.

      Melinda Naidoo

  3. Hi Melinda,

    Thank you, so much, for your feedback. I will do that. Please advise, do you perhaps have an Introductory draughting course? If yes, kindly study options & cost. Thanks again.


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