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Invest just 1 year & equip yourself with CAD Draughting skills that prepare you for ANY industry!

The team at Academy IDT are all professionals who have spent many years in the world of engineering drawing, engineering graphics and technical drawing, and it is the combined experience of this team that has made the 2-in-1-year multi-disciplinary programme they present the best of academy of draughting courses in Cape Town.

No doubt at some time or the other you have heard stories about people who spent a fortune on courses that turned out to be a complete waste of money when they enter the ‘real’ world to find that their qualifications are just pieces of paper that stack up on employer’s desks!

Graduating from Academy IDT is the complete opposite of this! Because this multi-disciplinary course is done in an actual working office, and most of your time will be spent draughting at your workstation, you will already be ready to step into any drawing office almost before you close the door on your way out of Academy IDT!

Through interaction with real clients and real projects during this one year course packed with two years’ worth of information and work, many Academy IDT graduates are snapped up by professionals who recognise the value of what an Academy IDT graduate brings to the table, and there is even a small percentage of graduates who have a position waiting for them before they even finish this chock-a-block programme.

Learning in a professional working environment with real experts available to offer guidance, you will only spend a short time on classes, the rest will be time dedicated to working on long projects that will look pretty much the same as they would when you enter the professional world.

The pressure is on from day one, which is the point of doing two years in one, it’s about working harder than anyone else to get to reach your goal sooner rather than later, and getting a head start on the journey to making your dreams of becoming a top draughtsperson a reality, taking a road meant only for the brave!

The only way to achieve the level of success that this course has been designed for, cutting out what would take others another year or two to complete, is to know from the outset that only a strenuous work-load that will revolve around strict deadlines is going to get you out into the professional world and the earning potential that comes with it!

This work-load is going to include around 1470 hours of draughting to serious deadlines, an average of 1500 projects in 2D and 3D, on multiple software packages, preparing you fully to adapt to the fast pace of technology used in the industry.

Advanced training in specialised CAD skills is included in the advanced training modules to ensure that you will be fully armed with every tool you need in order to adjust and adapt to any field of draughting, in any country!

Because Academy IDT training is aligned with international software standards for various CAD platforms, as a registered testing centre for all the main providers, Academy IDT students have entrance to international testing and transcripts for Autodesk, Dassault and Bentley products!

The world is your oyster if engineering drawing, engineering graphics and technical drawing aligns with your dreams for the future, you simply have to be willing to take the plunge, make the sacrifices and follow the lead of the team at Academy IDT; your future potential is as important to this team as it is to you!

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