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How much are you willing to sacrifice to become a phenomenal draughtsperson in just one year?

Does your dream for the future include having the versatility to use the finest draughting education in the world of engineering drawing, technical drawing and engineering graphics, and to have the best shot at becoming a sought-after draughtsperson who will more than likely be snapped up by professionals in the industry, before you even graduate?

If that is the case, then there is no better company you could keep than the team at Academy IDT! The tools offered in the 2-in-1-year multi-disciplinary programme for draughting this team offers will help you to design your future with CAD Draughting skills that will set you up for life, in any industry you may have set your sights on.

No matter which draughting team you join, most of the draughting projects you will be tackling will require that you are up to using the various disciplines that generally work together to bring about a successful project, and with the multi-disciplinary expertise garnered at the best draughting course in Cape Town, you will be an invaluable asset to any drawing-office team.

Should you decide to opt for the Academy IDT way of getting to the top as a draughtsperson, know, that in spite of the intensity of this totally focussed and challenging draughting course, you will walk out of the Academy IDT door with one of the most highly respected courses under the belt, which will open doors to the professional world faster than for anyone else.

Despite the pressure that comes with cramming two years into one, in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment, you can rely on a fantastic team of professionals who have walked the same road you hope to follow, ready to support and guide you throughout the course. This is also a team that will encourage you to take ownership of what is essentially a real drawing-office, and to inspire you to reach for a career even greater than you had imagined.

Doing your draughting course in learning environment that is completely geared towards how a workplace operates is a huge benefit, it prepares you for an industry that needs graduates who can think on their feet, are versatile and able to adapt to the exceptionally fast pace of the industry – it is all these qualities, along with the best in practical experience, that prepare you fully for a successful future that aligns with your dreams.

All of this is going to take putting in the same hours as you would working with a drawing-office team, being held to the same standards in terms of meeting deadlines and – wait for it – giving up all thought of holidays!

The reward at the end of this intense draughting course, which, by the way, also means producing around 1500 drawings and 3D models, is that you will have survived Africa’s toughest draughting course, way ahead of any of your peers; to enter a job market in which an Academy IDT education is highly respected and graduates get sent to the top of the line!

This 2-in-1-year multidisciplinary draughting course is definitely not for the fainthearted, but, if you believe in yourself enough to know that you can rise to the challenge, then Academy IDT will be the perfect springboard into a successful future!

Contact the team to find out more about how to make sure that you join thousands of graduates who have made it, their success is a great incentive as you launch yourself into the world as an exceptional draughtsperson!

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