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There are no shortcuts to becoming an exceptional draughtsperson when you join Academy IDT.

If you are the type of person who does not believe in shortcuts to success and becoming an extraordinary draughtsperson, then Academy IDT will be the perfect fit for you.  From the day you step foot into Academy IDT to start the toughest draughting course in Africa, you will realise that this is no ordinary academy of higher learning, instead, you will be entering an atmosphere that mirrors the real world of engineering drawing, technical drawing and engineering graphics precisely.

Because most draughting projects call for the various disciplines to work together, the 2-in-1-year multi-disciplinary draughting programme at Academy IDT will equip you with all the skills and knowledge necessary to fully realise your potential for the extraordinary.  It will take a lot of thought on your part before you decide to take on this course, there will be a many sacrifices to be made, such as giving up on the traditional holidays most higher learning students enjoy, and you will be putting in the same punishing hours as any professional in the industry does.

When you join Academy IDT you will enter a working office environment where deadlines have to be met, drawings have to be reviewed and signed off, or returned for corrections to be made before final sign-off, which means that there will be no  time or space left in which to simply coast through your course.

The positive end of all this hard work, besides the fact that you will be imminently employable as a result of the respect the industry as a whole has for the Academy IDT approach, will be that you will have a fantastic team of passionate professionals guiding, supporting and encouraging you every step of the way.  They have an intimate knowledge of the industry as professionals and are there to encourage you to take ownership of and responsibility for the Academy IDT drawing office, inspiring an entrepreneurial drive in all their students.  This team wants you to succeed every bit as much as you do!

If you believe you have the passion, stamina and commitment to a professional work ethic in all you do, then the Academy IDT 2-in-1-year multi-disciplinary programme will prepare you for a world in which you are able to adapt, keep pace with and contribute the highest level of CAD architectural or Engineering drawings and 3D models possible to any draughting team you join!

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