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Open Up Your Career For Endless Opportunity When You Study Draughting At Academy IDT

If you’ve made the decision to follow your passion and study draughting, don’t settle for an average draughting course when you have access to an above average education from Academy IDT.

The draughtsman course offered by Academy IDT is a difficult one but if you want a successful career as a draughtsman, it’s the way to go. No time is wasted since this two-year course is combined into one year of extremely hard work and tight deadlines. You will study draughting while you work in a drafting office full time. You will also be supplied with state of the art equipment and all the tools needed.

You will have to sacrifice holidays and short working days during your year of study and it might be tough but it will be worth it when you land your dream job even before you’ve graduated.

The goal of Academy IDT is to turn you into a versatile draughtsman by teaching you various disciplines as well as four different CAD software programmes. This will open up many opportunities for you in future since you’ll be able to walk into any drawing office and be able to produce the drawings they require.

No other draughting course in South Africa comes close to the one offered by Academy IDT. Educators have 30 years experience in the industry and a passion for spreading their knowledge to students in order to produce more successful draughtsman.

If you want to be a part of something extraordinary and open yourself up for unlimited career opportunities, you should consider studying draughting at Academy IDT. The course might be tough but if you are committed to succeeding you’ll be more than ok.

Get in touch with Academy IDT by visiting their website and sign up for their draughting course today.

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