May 8, 2017 / by admin

Prepare for the Start of Class

You’ve Enrolled for the Academy IDT Draughting Course – What Now?

You’ve sent back your signed contract – we know you’re excited to start.  Here are a few things you can do to prepare for the start of class.

Get your Laptop

If you don’t have a laptop then it’s time to go shopping! See the Qualifications Page for the required specifications.  If you already have a laptop – please make sure it meets the specs. You may need to upgrade a few components.

Checklist your Drawing Equipment

All of your subjects are completed on CAD, except one – Pictorial Draughting. For this subject you will need the following drawing equipment. We recommend that you do not buy this equipment but rather borrow what you can as this is only a single trimester module. For those of you who did EGD/EGO at school, ‘refresh’ the leads and baby powder!

  • A3 Drawing Board
  • Scale ruler
  • Eraser and shield
  • 0.3 & 0.5 clutch pencils
  • 40m masking tape
  • French Curves stencil of flexicurve
  • Circle, Bolt, Shapes stencil
  • Centec Compass
  • Equilateral Triangle
  • Right angle triangle Set square Compass set
  • Protractor
  • French curve set or flexicurve
  • Circle template and Bolt template
  • Unipin Fine BLACK 0.1mm PIN 01-200
  • BL GC4 ‘G-’Tec C4 Microtip0.4 mm Rollerball.

Buy some cool Ties! (Full Time Students)

Full-Time students have a strict dress-code. We find that people who dress professionally usually behave professionally.  If your wardrobe consists mainly of outfits for surfing, gaming or clubbing – perhaps spend a bit of time trying out a new look and get a few dress shirts and ties.

Ladies – we won’t insult your fashionista by telling you how to dress for the office.

Buy your Mug!

Tea, coffee or even water? This is something that you are going to have plenty of through the the year, so make sure you are enjoying it in your Favourite Mug!!

Pay your required Fees – Deposit or Upfront payment

If you haven’t already received an invoice, please email – your seat is not a sure thing until you’ve paid your required initial fee (the registration and deposit amount – or the full up-front payment).

Make a neat folder with these DOCUMENTS

You probably enrolled using our online form and/or email.  We’ll need all the original certified documents on the first day of class. Why not make a neat folder with all the documents ready to bring in with you. Here’s the check-list:

  • Original Signed Enrolment Contract
  • Proof of Payment (Registration and Initial Payment)
  • Certified Copy of your ID Document
  • Certified Copy of your Senior-School-Certificate or equivalent
  • Certified Copy of your Passport (International Students only)
  • Certified Copy of your Study/Work/Asylum Visa or Permit (International Students only)
  • Certified Copy of your SAQA verified Senior-School-Certificate (International Students only)

Figure out who you are in a Team

Being aware of your personality traits – strengths and weaknesses – will make you a better team-player. Employers are looking for draughtspersons have great work-ethic, who that take ownership of deliverables and deadlines.  There’s no time like the present for a bit of constructive introspection. Do this test online – and keep the result on file.