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Prepare for success in any drawing office as an Academy IDT graduate!

If wandering into class a few times a week is your idea of making your dreams for the future come true, Academy IDT is definitely not the place for you! The 2-in-1-year multi-disciplinary programme for draughting presented by Academy IDT is going to cost you full days, five days a week, and even more if you are willing or need to put in the overtime in order to meet strict deadlines on your way to becoming a highly sought-after draughtsperson!

This is one programme that is not going to be a waste of your money or your time, not with an average pass rate of 93% for Academy IDT graduates!  If you have the sheer determination to make every moment count, why put in 2 years when one will do even more for you, and why pay for two or three more years of study when you could easily start earning within a year of graduating, if not sooner.

The employment rate for Academy IDT graduates stands at an average of 80%, which means that if you are fully committed to making your dream of becoming an exceptional draughtsperson come true, the strenuous workload is going to pay off very quickly!  While your friends are still cruising through a few years worth of study you will already be in full swing in the professional world!

One of the major benefits of the Academy IDT draughting programme, as intense as it is, is that you will be working in a drawing office environment, where you will be given the opportunity to work on actual projects and interact with real clients as often as possible during your year.

Regular visitors to the Academy IDT drawing office include engineers, architects and designers, both as clients and as associates, which means that students need to be ready at the drop of the hat for impromptu meetings or to attend client briefings.

There is no draughting course that combines all the disciplines necessary to prepare you as fully as this tough 2-in-1-year multi-disciplinary programme does, giving you all the necessary skills to step into any drawing office with complete confidence once you graduate.

Let the team at Academy IDT show you how to take ownership of the drawing office as a business and offer you the type of mentorship and support that will encourage you to actively pursue the opportunities that will exist for you as an entrepreneur should that be the direction you choose!

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