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Push your boundaries beyond imagination by choosing the best draughting course in Cape Town!

Being fully prepared to enter the draughting industry, equipped with everything you need to take on any project that comes in to any drawing-office you join on graduation from Academy IDT, achieved in the space of just one year, is well worth the sacrifice that comes  from enrolling in a one year multidisciplinary draughting course that would otherwise take you two years or more to complete elsewhere.

These are just a few of the best reasons for choosing the very best Academy of Draughting courses in Cape Town at Academy IDT:

  1. You will be growing and learning in an actual drawing-office environment – NO CLASSES!

At Academy IDT you will have a learning environment that will give you first-hand experience of drawing office systems, and have no doubt about it, this includes the fact that you will be experiencing a review process that is similar to that which you would encounter in the professional world.

You will be facing the same process of strict deadlines, reviewing of your drawings, having them marked either to be returned for corrections or signed off – ‘real-world’ stuff!  This is not anything like you would experience in any classroom – it’s project briefings given with explanations and demonstrations, so that you will spend most of your day at your workstation doing actual draughting – but, you will not be left to your own devices, there are always Drawing Office managers and CAD experts ready and willing to lend a hand when you need it!

  1. Have contact with professionals and clients by working on actual projects:

As daunting as it may sound at the start, having the opportunity to work on actual projects with real clients that are in and out of the Academy IDT Drawing Office regularly, and being ready to attend client briefings or carry out impromptu presentations, will do more in preparing you for the professional world than any other form of learning could. The team at Academy IDT, all of whom are professionals who have spent many years in the industry themselves, encourage you to make the drawing-office your own, as you would were it your own business, inspiring students to think out of the box and into entrepreneurial pathways for the future.

  1. Essential qualities are passed on to encourage the stamina and professional work ethic you will need for future success:

The Academy IDT 2-in-1-year multidisciplinary draughting course is definitely going to require a lot of sacrifice on your part.  There is no drifting in and out of class a few days a week, when you sign on for this toughest draughting course in Africa, you will effectively be signing in for the first year of your professional life.

No illusions here, as an Academy IDT junior you will be putting in a full day’s work, your holidays will be a distant memory and your focus will be directed solely on around 1500 drawings and 3D models that you will produce by the time you become another proud graduate from Academy IDT at the end of your year!

If you are still reading this, or already planning to join the inspiring team at Academy IDT, then you need to know that you will also be part of the fun and energy that comes from working in an open environment in which ideas are shared, along with laughter……and tons of coffee; the respect you gain from the professionals working alongside you, and from yourself, will more than make up for the punishing hours you will put in!

Open your eyes to a whole new world of every discipline that is used in any project, from engineering drawing to design and technical drawing, and you will find that your boundaries were only in your imagination!

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