Your Year at
Academy IDT

This 2-in-1-year, advanced multi-disciplinary programme prepares you to start your career as a draughtsperson in any drawing office requiring CAD architectural or engineering drawings or 3D models.

You will use at least four different leading CAD software programmes during the course of the year.  This equips you with versatility and allows you adaptability in a fast-moving hi-tech industry

January - April




August - December




Full day attendance – no holidays.
08:00 – 16:30
Structured and disciplined for people committed to an extreme-study-experience.
Includes all the modules and CAD software.


Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.
18:00 – 20:30
Flexibility for students that already have a full-time job on their plates.
Does not include Marine Draughting and Design Presentation Modules


Scheduled evenings.
18:00 – 20:30
Advance your career by gaining specific skills for a specialised discipline.
Marine Draughting and Design Presentation Modules are not available.

Entrance Requirements/

Will you be accepted to study at Academy IDT?

If you do not have a senior-school certificate, we may accept you to to study based on your work-experience, however, you will only have access to the IDT and CAD operator exams.  You may return to write the national exams after completing your school certificate at any FET college.

Senior Certificate

Secondary School certificate at Matric or equivalent level with Math Literacy and English. Engineering Graphics or a technical subject is not essential but will benefit you.

Entrance Assessment

You will be required to write our assessment for entrance. We test some basic aptitudes and skills essential to draughting. This test helps you determine that your investment is worth-while.

National Certificate

Multi-Disciplinary Drawing Office Practice (Programme Number) 50508338

DHET Registered Examination Center

Earn your national certificate. Academy IDT is registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training as an examination center. DHET3894087/984

QCTO Accredited

Academy IDT is accredited by the South African Quality Council for Trades and Occupations. QCTO876/638.





The Drawing-Office
as a
Learning Environment

Actual work
with real clients

Academy IDT is a working drawing office and as often as possible, we give our juniors the opportunity to work on Actual Projects and interact with real clients. Engineers, Architects and Designers (both clients and associates) are regular visitors in this professional environment and students are ready at any moment for impromptu presentations or to attend client briefings.

We encourage our students to take ownership of the drawing office as a business and with our mentorship they often actively pursue entrepreneurial opportunities.

First Hand experience of
Drawing Office Systems

Academy IDT has a review process similar to what you would encounter in industry – students have strict deadlines and every drawing is reviewed, marked-up and either returned for corrections or signed-off.

No Class! You’re not paying for time in a classroom – our learners have short project briefings (with demonstrations and explanations), but most of your time is spent at your workstation draughting, with Drawing Office managers and CAD experts close at hand to offer guidance.

Stamina and
Professional Work-ethic

Unlike most other colleges and universities, our students don’t attend a few classes per week. Academy IDT juniors sign-up for a working day with very little time off and almost no holidays. During their year at Academy IDT, each student will produce approximately ONE THOUSAND, FIVE HUNDRED drawings and 3D models. It’s a very intense programme.

Academy IDT has been a great experience!
I’ve developed my draughting knowledge and CAD skills in different disciplines which allow me various career path opportunities.
The academy is very successful in preparing the students that have just finished school for the working environment and working hours. I had fun and am very glad that I studied at Academy IDT, I finished in December 2016 and I quickly got employed.
I am now able to start my career.
Ilona Du Plessis – Academy IDT has been a great experience! Class of 2016

Hearing about Academy IDT draughting courses, I at first thought this was going to be easy, it is the same as engineering drawings we did at school.

I was so wrong!

The Computer Aided Draghtinging program at Academy IDT put me on a path to a successful career and a lifetime of learning. The draghting field is a great place to start a career. It’s very diverse and offers us countless opportunities.

If you’re interested in manufacturing, architecture or engineering this program is a great place to start.  It is a very professional, fast paced deadline driven institution that will not only teach you skills and technical knowledge, but will prepare you to interact with future employers or clients and most importantly, give you confidence to excel in the workplace.

Thank you for recommending me to CFW I thoroughly enjoyed working for them.

After a year of working at CFW, I will be joining another engineering firm in March 2018.

Pierre Janse van Rensburg – Professional, fast-paced and deadline driven institution. Class of 2016

A few years back I approached Academy IDT. I needed to find a new career path within a group, with the potential that would allow me to grow, and expand my skills within the workplace. I had considered various career options, and decided that draughting would be an ideal fit.

Academy IDT helped me by pushing my boundaries and opening my eyes to a whole new world of design, engineering and drawing (Herman’s Centrelines ☺).

The result was 1 year of very hard work that completely prepared me for the draughting industry.

One of the many things I liked was their dedication to their students. I found the classes to be a great size so that each student was able to receive the necessary attention. All the disciplines of draughting are introduced, and the software we used in the course is the software that I use today in the industry.

I found the experience extremely challenging, but ultimately totally rewarding. The whole concept of Academy IDT is to run the course as a proper, working drawing office. Weekly tests were mandatory, and were a great indicator of our understanding of the work and our preparation for the N4 / N5 exams.

I was extremely fortunate, that by the end of the 1 year course, at the time of our final exams, I was placed with a company immediately, and began work straight after the course ended.

I would recommend Academy IDT to people who need an excellent, solid beginning to a happy, successful career in draughting.

Thank you to everybody at Academy IDT that made my year extremely enjoyable. Your dedication allowed me to achieve my goal in a successful draughting career.


Kind Regards

Justine Burls – Totally rewarding Class of 2014

To the Academy (KICK ASS) Team

I think it would do the team at IDT little justice if I had to put into words what you guys mean and have meant to me during the time that I have known you. It gives such great pleasure when I think of my journey I have been on since I joined IDT.

We embark on the journey of life not knowing where we are going and where we will end up. We can but only plan, work hard and hope luck is in our favour. I however believe luck is preparedness meeting opportunity. Since I joined IDT I have been unbelievable lucky. IDT has devoted their time and life preparing us for when those perfect opportunities comes knocking.

After years of struggling, I was able to consolidate all my experiences and prepare for the opportunities with IDT at my side.

The elation I am feeling is of an indescribable nature and I find it hard to gather the words. I hope that you all understand how much you have meant to me over time and I believe that there is a great friendship to enjoy.

To the team listed below….. take a bow…..

Schalk Burger van Wyk – Academy IDT prepares us Class of 2011

I would like you all at Academy IDT to know that I will be starting with my new job on the 1st of November 2013. I am looking forward to this new venture in my life. I want to thank you all for what you gave me in life and will always be grateful for that. All the best & keep on doing to others what you have done for me.

Nicolia Geerdts – what you have done for me Class of 2012

I went to the company in Strand, and I have the job if I want it… I would just like to thank all of you at Academy IDT for the amazing year that you taught me. I can’t thank you enough actually. To be honest I don’t find my current work very challenging and I have a sneaking suspicion that is because of you.

Marco Minny – amazing year Class of 2012

I had a great experience with Academy IDT during my year of part time studying! The reassurance and confidence obtained when learning from such experienced lecturers made it easy to do well and reach your goals. I don’t think I ever had a question that wasn’t able to be answered in a way that it was easily understandable

Richard Lovett – experienced lecturers Class of 2011

It was an absolute pleasure, my year studying at Academy IDT.  The lecturer’s and team are extremely knowledgeable and always available to help.

The training that I received at the academy has prepared me to jump into the deep end, and with their assistance, set out on a career at a very reputable company to start running their drawing office. Nowhere else will a year of studying be able to push you that far ahead in your career path.

(Update) – I now run the drawing office, where my main focus to change and update existing drawings and registers, research, design and draw new equipment and parts, implement and manage all drawing office related filing and ISO procedures.

Thank you to the Academy IDT team


Egbert Oosthuisen – now run the drawing office Class of 2015

Good day Sir,

Hope you are well.

I would like to thank you for teaching me all of what I know about draughting and CAD for the year I spent at Academy IDT. I know I wasn’t one of the easiest students and would have changed a lot if I could go back and do it again, but I am grateful for the experience.

I left Academy IDT and went to work as a draughtsman. The demand for multi-skilled draughtsman is much higher than I thought and after a year or so I was then fortunate enough to purchase SolidWorks Premium CAD software and start my own company. I’ve had the privilege of being part of the design of some amazing projects for well-known company’s in Namibia.

I’ve completed the process upgrade for Cerebos salt here as well as the plant layout and design of various other equipment.

I’ve designed a bulk bagging unit for Grindrod, this is used to fill 14ton bags with copper ore,

and a whole lot more.

Without you and everyone at Academy IDT this would have not been possible, thank you once again to all of you!

Kind regards

Richard P – Started my own business Class of 2014

After many years working in an office and operation management role, I had a passion to pursue a career in a more technical field, but found it difficult to make that change without the necessary skills to do so.

It was by chance that in September 2013 I came to hear about Academy IDT and what they could do, and after a brief meeting with the team there, it was clearly an easy decision that they would be the catalyst and provide the assistance I need to make this change.

The course consists of multiple disciplines of engineering and architectural draughting and uses a combination of continuous assessment and exams, with an office like environment complete with reviews etc, it created a fantastic “real world” environment to learn the necessary skills to find employment once the course was completed.

With lots of long, long hours and hard work as well as the ongoing motivation, passion and drive from the teaching team and the placement arm of Academy IDT, I was fortunate to have been employed at a great Consulting Engineering firm by the time I finished my last exams!

A Big thanks to the entire Academy IDT team, that is able to equip one with the necessary tools to break into this field, even for us “ou manne”! I would not have been able to do it without your assistance.

Looking back now, taking the plunge to come and study at AIDT was sooooo well worth it!

Dano du Toit – Changing careers Class of 2014

Accreditations and Registrations/

  • DHET Registered Exam Centre (3894087/984)
  • QCTO Accredited (QCTO876/638)
  • SAID member
  • Solidworks Certification Center
  • MIASA Accademic Member
  • Autodesk Testing Center
  • APPETD member
  • Bentley Academic Center

Your Kick-Ass Laptop!/

You will need your own laptop for the course. We will help you to load all the required software. The CAD packages you will be learning are extremely powerful and resource intensive – please confirm that you have the minimum spec’s listed below.


• 15 inch laptop
• i5 7th gen (quad core) processor
• NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 or equivalent (for laptop)
• 500GB Hard Drive


• Peripheral mouse
• MS Office
• LAN cable port
• External laptop cooler (optional)
• Windows 10, 64-Bit
• External Screen (optional)


• 17 inch laptop (you can bring external screen)
• i7 7th gen processor
• NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 or equivalent (for laptop)
• 256GB SSD (plus hard drive for storage)
• 16GB RAM


Industry Open Day 2016 was a HUGE SUCCESS! Check out the pics and video. Well done to all our students. Employment offers have been received! Keith will be arranging interviews over the next few weeks. Now – breathe for a minute then focus on the up-coming exams.



  • Small Registration fee R400
  • Exam fee R385 each
  • (Payment  – 10 months interest free)
  • *Terms and conditions apply


  1. I would like to enroll at your institution next year in January,do you have an intake that time around?am a Namibian

    • Hi Ruben!

      Yes, we are currently busy with enrolments for 2017 – please contact Melinda, our registrar, should you need assistance. You’ll find the application form on this page. We have successfully enrolled many Namibian students over the years – most of them had no trouble with study-visas. There seems to be a change of policy this year however – the latest study-visas for Namibian students were not approved. Melinda will have more information for you. You can reach her on


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