Mech Eng 1st Year UJ – Help with Assembly Drawings!


Phindile from UJ (1st year Mech Eng ) sent us a message asking for help with Assembly Drawings. He sent through the slide show used by his tutor and our expert (Herman van der Merwe) did this quick recording to clarify.


Hi there Phindile,

One of our top mechanical lecturers (Herman van der Merwe) has done a tutorial to assist you using the slides you sent through.  He is feeling ill but was there for his part time students this evening – excuse his croaky voice.

With an assembly you are usually given a number of individual components which you are required to assemble in a drawing.
First look for the part that will be your base (it may have a footing) as all the other components will then build onto this.

The most important thing to look for then is common sizes: bolt holes, shafts etc. indicating how they will assemble.