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How ready do you want to be to join the fast-paced world of a drawing office?

Academy IDT offers a 2-in-1-year multi-disciplinary programme that will prepare you on every level for a career as a draughtsperson in any drawing office that requires CAD architectural, engineering drawings or 3D models, but only you can decide whether you have the stamina and determination to pack two years into one intensive year designed to ensure that your dream of becoming a draughtsperson becomes reality.

Making the decision to sign up for the Academy IDT 2-in-1-year multi-disciplinary draughting programme will be the start of designing your future with CAD draughting skills, one that will prepare you for any industry, and because most draughting projects comprise of the various disciplines working together, your multi-disciplinary expertise will make you a highly valuable addition to any drawing office team.

You will be studying to join a fast-paced high-tech industry that requires versatility and adaptability on your part, and in order to equip you with all you need to meet these challenges head-on with confidence, you will be using at least four different leading CAD software programmes during your year with the highly experienced team at Academy IDT.

Having firsthand experience of drawing office systems will already give you a foot in the door before you even graduate from Academy IDT by going through the same type of review processes you would encounter in the industry.  You will learn to sleep, eat and drink deadlines, without any holiday’s in-between, and every drawing you do will be reviewed, marked up and either returned for corrections or signed off, exactly as it would work in a professional drawing office!

Your days at Academy IDT will be spent much like it will be in the ‘real’ world of a drawing office, there are no classes, instead, you will have short project briefings, which will include demonstrations and explanations by a truly supportive team, however, most of your time will be spent at your workstation, focussing on your engineering drawing, technical drawing and engineering graphics.

With full access to all the office facilities that make up any professional drawing office, you will already be taking your first step into the professional world before you graduate!  If you are willing to start off with a professional work ethic that is the complete opposite of any ‘study at your own pace’ course, then you are definitely ready for the most highly respected draughting course in South Africa with Academy IDT!

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