Draughting Academy IDT at Killarney for CAD project

Secret Project at Killarney

Academy IDT has entered the world of Motorsport! We have been tasked to do some R&D (research and development) work with current African Endurance Champion, Francis Carruthers and The Harp Motorsport team. Our drawing-office manager, Davin Dillon and the team of students assigned to the secret project, Francios, Jarno and Pieter, met with the very experienced race-car driver and his team at the Killarney raceway for some insider knowledge about car handling, performance and stability.

Armed with the client-brief for the innovative project (sorry we’re not giving away any clues πŸ™‚ ) the team returned to the Academy IDT drawing office and started working on the 3D concept models and detailed drawings for a prototype.

Really cool project! Thanks Francis and team for the opportunity.



Proof of Life :) *