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The secret to success as a draughtsperson – Drawing-Office experience while you learn!

It makes perfect sense that if you really want to learn all the ropes to climb the ladder of success as an outstanding draughtsperson, you couldn’t choose a better team than those at Academy IDT to guide you there, after all, they are well respected in the industry for supplying the very best in drawing-office personnel!

Because you are spending a year instead of two or more in an actual drawing office environment, the Academy IDT 2-in-1-year multi-disciplinary programme that has been created to design your future with CAD Draughting skills to set you up for life in any industry, is the perfect springboard to a successful future, one in which employment is a virtual guarantee on graduation.

The recruitment and placement arm developed by the team at Academy IDT in the form of Cadwarehouse, is proof of the confidence this team has in moulding Academy IDT graduates into juniors they are proud to send out into the professional world, without hesitation.

A word of caution – this 2-in-1-year multi-disciplinary programme for draughting is not called the toughest draughting course in Africa for nothing!  There are going to be many sacrifices that will have to be made during your year with this team of passionate professionals who have already tread the path you are headed for.

If setting aside a year of your life that will be fully committed to becoming the best draughtsperson you could be, is worth it to you, then giving up on holidays and not having much in the way of time off is going to be a sacrifice that will see you head out into the world at the top of your game, ready to take on all that any drawing-office throws at you!

Preparation for ‘real’ life doesn’t get much better than this, and judging by the success rates of Academy IDT graduates who have gone on to achieve even more than they may have thought possible when they started their first day of ‘work’ at the beginning of their year, this team of professionals who will stand by you throughout your time at Academy IDT have thought of everything!

Academy IDT is an environment that passionately fosters the level of input that matches the potential of each junior, remaining consistently available to give each student the opportunity of realising their real potential that will be the beginning of the road to truly rewarding careers.

It is going to take a very serious decision on your part to become an Academy IDT graduate, and it will take every ounce of passion, stamina and a profound depth willingness to reach the highest level of what a professional work ethic really is – to dive into the future ahead of any of your peers who may be taking a more ‘chilled’ approach to easier courses that will take longer to complete, and still not make the grade.

Just one year spent with the family at Academy IDT (because that is what they will become to you!) will have you fully prepared to enter a professional world in which you are able to draw on the versatility your 2-in-1 year multi-disciplinary draughting course equips you with, and the ability to stay ahead in a fast-paced industry!

The day you walk out of Academy IDT as a fully-fledged graduate of the best draughting course in Cape Town, you will be walking into the world of drawing-offices that will vie for the experience you have already gained in CAD architectural drawings, technical drawings, engineering drawings and 3D models during your time as an Academy IDT junior!

The team at Academy IDT is always ready and willing to assist you with any queries you may have about choosing this road to the successful future you dream of pursuing, with every ounce of your energy and courage – drop them a line or give them a call and start tomorrow today!

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