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Specialist fields to choose from as a draughtsman.

The role draughtsmen is to take the ideas and basic sketches produced by architects, engineers and scientists, and to translate these ideas into detailed drawings that are far more precise than the basics presented to them.

Draughtsmen are responsible for preparing the technical drawings and plans that will be used to build anything from buildings to industrial machinery or oil and gas pipelines, to name just a few of the industries that would not be able to produce anything without these technical drawings.

Your role as a draughtsman is to provide a visual guideline that shows the technical details of any product or structure – even the chair you are sitting on right now started out as a technical drawing!

CAD draughting skills are essential in order to be able to display 3D images on-screen, besides which, computer-aided draughting systems cut down on a lot of time when it comes to preparing different variations of the same project.

Because projects are so varied, it’s necessary to specialise in preparing drawings for the field you are interested in.

Examples of specialised fields:


Town and Regional Planning


Civil Engineering

Mechanical Engineering



Structural Engineering


Electrical Engineering


Let’s look at a few of these specialised draughting fields in a little more detail:

  • Electrical engineering draughtsmen are responsible for finalising the plans for the electrical circuits and wiring systems in any kind of building – of course there’s a lot more to electrical engineering than circuits and wiring, but we won’t go into that here.
  • Architectural draughtsmen are at the core of detailing and drawing plans for commercial buildings, residential buildings, industrial buildings, hospitals, schools, government buildings and more – wherever you see any building, know that a draughtsman’s talents at engineering design, engineering drawings and technical drawings are an integral part of the structure.
  • Mechanical engineering draughtsmen are responsible for producing detailed drawings for mechanical machines and engine parts. In fact, any project that requires parts that will move together in sync will need the talents of a draughtsman or woman!
  • Civil engineering draughtsmen produce the technical drawings that become the roads and bridges we drive on every day. They also produce detailed plans for construction schemes – which is just the short of it!

There is just so much you can accomplish in any field in the world of draughtsmanship that the possibilities are endless, but to get there, you need to be willing to put everything you have into making sure that you are as prepared as possible by choosing the right draughting course in Cape Town, South Africa!

Because CAD draughting is a universal language, you can go anywhere in the world and be able to fit right in!

Tackling the tough Academy IDT CAD draughting course is going to set you head above shoulders of the rest! Graduating from this course speaks volumes for your commitment to excellence and professional staying power.

If you’d like to be in the perfect position for head-hunters looking out for the best draughtsman to add to their team, you couldn’t choose a better place to start than at Academy IDT!

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