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Study with the best to reach the top as an exceptional draughtsperson!

Are you prepared to put in a full day’s work, five days a week in a drawing office environment that will push you to your limits in order to become a sought-after draughtsperson?  And are you willing to put holidays on hold for a year while you work under the same high pressure deadlines you would be facing as a member of any design team?

If your answer to just these two questions is yes, then the 2-in-1-year multi-disciplinary programme for draughting at Academy IDT will set you firmly on the road to success, but it will be hard-won success, on that point there is no doubt!

Becoming the best at anything and following your dreams takes an exceptional level of commitment, and if your dream is to become a draughtsperson extraordinaire, the engineering drawing, technical drawing and engineering graphics experience you will take part in over the course of the year you spend with the team of professionals at Academy IDT will be a giant step towards making your dream come true.

With a pass rate of 93% and an employment rate of 80% for Academy IDT graduates, sacrificing the holidays and putting in long hours of hard work in a real drawing office will make it all worthwhile.  The support from the team at Academy IDT is outstanding, and with a combined thirty plus year’s worth of experience between these professionals, when the members of this team encourage and support you, you will know that you have the best in the industry guiding you to the top.

The excitement of dealing with real clients and working on very real projects, with the attendant deadlines, will prepare you for your entry into a professional drawing office like no other draughting programme ever could.

With full biometric access to your workstation and all the facilities at Academy IDT 24/7, including the very important caffeine shots to help you through those all-nighters you may put in, there is very little room for failure once you have committed to doing so much more than just drifting in to a couple of lectures a week!

Whether you decide to take on the full year with its required full day attendance, minus the holidays of course, the part-time programme which offers flexibility for students who already have their plate full with a full-time job or the Modular programme, which is aimed at advancing your career by gaining specific skills for a specialised discipline, you will be choosing the best to become the best!

Visit www.academyidt.co.za for in-depth information about what could well turn out to be the most exciting year of your life!

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