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Study for one intense year at Academy IDT to become an exceptional draughtsperson ready to take on the world.

Versatility and adaptability is essential for anyone who has chosen to take on the architectural world as a draughtsperson, the speed at which this fast moving, high-tech industry is evolving means that you have to be able to evolve at the same speed in order to stay on top, and the only way to do that is to take an approach that focuses on a multi-disciplinary code such as the 2-in-1-year programme offered by Academy IDT.

Whether you choose to do your year at Academy IDT full-time, part-time or on a modular basis in order to boost your career trajectory by gaining specific skills for a specialised discipline, Academy IDT is the real thing where it comes to offering more than just an exceptional education as the team prepares their students for the ‘real’ world from day one.

If you have met the Academy IDT entrance requirements you can be confident that you will definitely not be wasting your investment, they will already know that you have the aptitude to grasp everything they have to offer you, the drive to excel will have to come from you, but the atmosphere at Academy IDT is designed to bring out the best in every budding draughtsperson.

Academy IDT will introduce you to the experience of doing actual work with real clients, making it an exciting challenge right from the start as a junior meeting with Engineers, Architects and Designers, keeping you on your toes throughout the year.

The first hand experience of Drawing Office Systems that you will be encountering at Academy IDT will assure you that you are as far from a classroom as you could possibly be, working under the same kind of review processes and deadlines that would have to be met in the industry you are planning to enter.

If intensity, hard work, stamina and a professional work ethic appeals to you then Academy IDT is the best launch pad you could possibly have from which to enter industry as a top notch draughtsperson. Signing up to put in a hard day’s work instead of attending a few classes a week, with little time off and a wave goodbye to holidays may seem like a lot to be asked, but the rewards are incalculable!

Academy IDT introduces you to and prepares you completely for the day you take up a fully paid position in a drawing office that requires your ability to produce CAD architectural or engineering drawings and 3D models with sheer professionalism, so if you are really ready for an intense programme which puts the professional world at your feet after a hardworking year then this is where you belong.

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