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Do you have what it takes to become an outstanding draughtsman?

In the first place, you need to think hard about whether entering the world of draughtsmanship is really the future you want.

It’s a demanding career that will push you to your limits, especially when it comes to meeting strict deadlines, which will be a major part of your life as a draughtsman.

Do you have the determination, precision and passion you’re going to need to keep up with the hectic pace of a career like this? Are you able to pay close attention to detail and have the eye-hand coordination that being a draughtsman will require?

Technical drawing, engineering graphics and engineering drawing all come together to prepare you for the direction you’d like to take in your career.

This direction could be anything from mechanical design, electrical design, mining, architecture and so much more, depending on the industry that interests you.

All of these disciplines are used at various levels irrespective of the industry you choose as your future.

Because of the drawings a draughtsman is required to prepare, it will be necessary for you to choose your specialisation carefully, although most draughting projects require a combination of the various disciplines that are required in any drawing office.

It takes hard work and discipline to choose a career path like this, and, if you’ve asked yourself the hard questions honestly enough, you will know whether you have what it takes to embark on the journey to becoming the best you can as a draughtsman in just one year.

If this is the world you believe you have the determination and commitment to enter, you will become an important cog in the process of transforming ideas into drawings that will be used as a guide to produce anything from buildings to products of all kinds.

Surveyors, architects, scientists, engineers and more provide the specifications and calculations that form the basis of the drawings you will need to produce as a draughtsman.

This is a heavy responsibility which is going to require all the dedication, commitment and energy you are willing to put into the work, which is why it is necessary to ask yourself the hard questions before you even embark on a draughting course!

You can take the long road to graduation as a draughtsman, or, you can take on the punishing but rewarding path that offers you the best of everything by signing up to do in one year what would normally take at least two years to accomplish.

Academy IDT has compiled a two in one year multi-disciplinary draughting course that will set you on the road to a successful career, but, you’re going to have to be passionate about your decision before you even consider this tough course.

If you are willing to sacrifice a year’s worth of holidays and work from the day your course starts, you owe it to yourself to contact Academy IDT to find out about where to start, so that you can walk into any drawing office armed with all the tools necessary for success!


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