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Testimonial from Lesedi Nuclear Services

Testimonial LesediReference for IDTI would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the team at Academy IDT for the quality and calibre of the trainee draughtsmen provided to Lesedi. In my experience to date, I have not seen any better prepared junior draughtsmen. These three young men are of polite manner, have an excellent work ethic and an exceptional understanding of Computer Aided Design, especially Micro station.

Lesedi was pleasantly surprised with the level of understanding of these junior draughtsmen and all credit must go to Academy IDT for the training provided to their students.

We have been using them on critical path work in the modelling of systems and the dropping of isometrics. They are all proving to be valuable members of our team.

Once again, congratulations and keep up the good work.

Yours faithfully


L Trocado Engineering Director

Lesedi Nuclear Services (PTY) LTD

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