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Justine Burls – Totally rewarding

A few years back I approached Academy IDT. I needed to find a new career path within a group, with the potential that would allow me to grow, and expand my skills within the workplace. I had considered various career options, and decided that draughting would be an ideal fit.

Academy IDT helped me by pushing my boundaries and opening my eyes to a whole new world of design, engineering and drawing (Herman’s Centrelines ☺).

The result was 1 year of very hard work that completely prepared me for the draughting industry.

One of the many things I liked was their dedication to their students. I found the classes to be a great size so that each student was able to receive the necessary attention. All the disciplines of draughting are introduced, and the software we used in the course is the software that I use today in the industry.

I found the experience extremely challenging, but ultimately totally rewarding. The whole concept of Academy IDT is to run the course as a proper, working drawing office. Weekly tests were mandatory, and were a great indicator of our understanding of the work and our preparation for the N4 / N5 exams.

I was extremely fortunate, that by the end of the 1 year course, at the time of our final exams, I was placed with a company immediately, and began work straight after the course ended.

I would recommend Academy IDT to people who need an excellent, solid beginning to a happy, successful career in draughting.

Thank you to everybody at Academy IDT that made my year extremely enjoyable. Your dedication allowed me to achieve my goal in a successful draughting career.


Kind Regards