Oct 10, 2016 / by Keith Cole / In / Comments Off on Schalk Burger van Wyk – Academy IDT prepares us

Schalk Burger van Wyk – Academy IDT prepares us

To the Academy (KICK ASS) Team

I think it would do the team at IDT little justice if I had to put into words what you guys mean and have meant to me during the time that I have known you. It gives such great pleasure when I think of my journey I have been on since I joined IDT.

We embark on the journey of life not knowing where we are going and where we will end up. We can but only plan, work hard and hope luck is in our favour. I however believe luck is preparedness meeting opportunity. Since I joined IDT I have been unbelievable lucky. IDT has devoted their time and life preparing us for when those perfect opportunities comes knocking.

After years of struggling, I was able to consolidate all my experiences and prepare for the opportunities with IDT at my side.

The elation I am feeling is of an indescribable nature and I find it hard to gather the words. I hope that you all understand how much you have meant to me over time and I believe that there is a great friendship to enjoy.

To the team listed below….. take a bow…..