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Thank visionaries from the 1950’s for 21st century draughtsmanship!

Anyone dreaming of becoming a draughtsperson these days can definitely thank the likes of Dr. Patrick Hanratty for making life a lot easier if technical drawing, engineering graphics and engineering drawing are the keys to unlocking your dream future!

This visionary was considered the father of CAD if you trace its roots right back to the mid 1950’s, with his development of the first numerical control manufacturing system. Then in 1962, Dr. Ivan Sutherland went on to invent Sketchpad, which is the predecessor to the graphical design systems you will benefit from as a draughtsperson today!

This was when things really started speeding up, with major advancements in computer technology, moving rapidly through the stages of when computers where shared between companies, to those that could be purchased for a single engineering department, which could at least fit under an engineer’s desk, to the rapid escalation from personal computers to laptops and smart phones!

Long gone are the days of technical drawings and building plans being drawn on paper with pencils, rulers and protractors, which means that even when things get really tough during your year spent at Academy IDT, you can still thank your lucky stars that you live in the 21st century!

Academy IDT will prepare you fully to keep pace with constantly evolving technology in the field of draughting, their 2-in-1-year multi-disciplinary programme is designed to give you all the tools you need to excel and to be able to adapt quickly to changes in the industry when you join any drawing office.

By the time the family at this top academy of draughting in Cape Town watches you spread your wings and fly into the future of your dreams, with 1500 drawings and 3D models under your belt, you will know you have made it through the toughest draughting course in Africa….and when you are really sweating the deadlines in this firsthand experience of drawing office systems, remember to send up a silent ‘thank you’ to the pioneers who made tough a little easier!

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